8/7 (Sat) GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair Report

On Saturday August 7th, an adoption fair took place at GEORGE Osaka. This is a report about how it went.

GEORGE is a pet shop that doesn't sell live animals, but rather products that help families with dogs and cats to have an even happier life. Their branch in Komazawa, Tokyo has been a huge help since Tokyo ARK was founded, letting us borrow space in their store, among other things.

This new GEORGE store opened in Osaka in June. It's located in Higobashi, on the north side of Utsubo Park.

But, but, but, even though this should have been our memorable first adoption fair at GEORGE, ARK was incredibly late bringing the dogs.

Due to holiday traffic, the roads were really congested, and we were totally stuck in it. We're so very sorry for making the staff at GEORGE wait for us and for the visitors who were put out by our lateness.
I'm too out of touch with what's going on in the world...
I feel really bad looking back on this...

Truthfully, the impetus for this adoption fair and its main purpose was for Hobo Nikkan newspaper to interview Ms. Oliver.

As for why ARK had to meet Hobo Nikkan at GEORGE for the interview, and not Nose, I won't say just yet.
Please wait a little longer. It's a surprise!
Hee hee hee!

Well then, let me introduce the dogs that took part in the event.

Jonquil, Baby Blue, and Bronze Lulu were three small dogs rescued from a breeder. In downtown Osaka, on the city streets, and in the store, they didn't seem afraid or panicky, but were well-behaved and seemed to be enjoying their outing. They cuddled with the visitors and ate the treats they were given.

Rosalind was rescued from a home where the owner didn't have the animals spayed and didn't quite realize how much they would multiply. Although there were a lot of people gathered around Rosa, she didn't come over all shy and was energetically enjoying the adoption fair. Rosa is still a puppy and, depending on her mood, she’ll suddenly switch between barking guard dog mode and, seemingly tired out, falling asleep under a chair mode.

Some of the dogs previously adopted from ARK came out to play too.
Ruby-chan and Leon-kun from the large-scale Chihuahua rescue came along, as did the pair of Akita buddies, Hijiki and Tsururi, who also came to visit us at ARK the day before. And a graduate of KK's training center, Hino-chan, also stopped by.

Thank you, everyone.
Being able to see the dogs' happy faces and hear about their lives from their adoptive families makes us so happy.
Perhaps you bought something at GEORGE?

This is Twilight.
(He was rescued on Awaji Island, so we call him by his nickname, Awaji-kun.)
He gazed at the store downstairs with a lot of interest, greeted people coming up the stairs, behaved well with everyone and calmly enjoyed the adoption fair.

By behaving as he did, Awaji-kun was able to find a new mom and dad!!
He's already become one of the family. His new family says he lies and waits in front of the bathroom for them to come out.
Awaji-kun, we hope you will be happy forever!!

This was a really happy omen to mark the beginning of our adoption fairs at GEORGE.
From here on out, we'll be having regular adoption fairs there, so we hope to see you at one of them.

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Umeda

Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: Concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station
(In between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and the Kinokuniya bookstore)

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