7/18 (Sun) Adoption Fair Update

An adoption fair was held at Green Dog in Kobe on Sunday, July 18th.
It was a very hot day as the rainy season had just ended, but the dogs spent the day in the comfort of the air-conditioned Green Dog store.
Thanks to air conditioning, adoption fairs during the summer are no problemo!

Punba was adopted once when he was a puppy, but he was returned to ARK when the family could no longer care for him. When he came back he was skittish and jumpy, but he's relaxed a lot since then, so he still manages to have a good time at ARK.
We were worried about how he would do in the adoption fair environment, surrounded by lots of strangers, but he exceeded our expectations and was actively enjoying himself.
That's not to say that there weren't moments when he would hide under a table, but he didn't have to rely on treats or staff members to get him out into the action again.
He was also very calm in the parking lot.
Looks like the socializing he's been receiving once a week has paid off!

A puppy's heart is full of energy!
She showed no fear and jumped around everywhere.
What? This picture of her is saying something else?
For some reason, when she’s picked up she loses all her mojo.
She was given a lot of great socialization by getting treats while being cuddled and petted by a lot of different people.

"Wi" participated in the April adoption fair too.
He's young, sweet, full of life, and well-mannered, but somehow hasn't had much luck in the adoption department.
He didn't receive any inquiries this time around either, but it's only a matter of time!

It's hard to believe that the spunky Tobo-kichi is 11 years old! It seems he was suddenly hit with the need to pee in the middle of the floor, and fulfilled this need under the watchful eye of all the visitors.
Someone was having too much fun...
Tobo-kichi isn't just energetic; he's also very affectionate, lowering his head to make puppy-dog eyes while sitting like a lady.

Good-natured and loving, Koyuki quietly appealed to the hearts of the visitors.
She was unfazed when a small child suddenly grabbed her from behind.
The day after the fair, Koyuki was adopted from ARK by a kind couple.
Best wishes, Koyuki!

Although he's sociable and playful when he's at ARK, Osian wouldn't come out of his cage on the day.
He was so tense that he would hiss at his brother Hobbit when he tried to join him.
The food in his bowl was left untouched, which completely betrayed his dog-like food aggressiveness.

Like his brother, Hobbit spent the whole time in his cage.
He's in the litter box not because he's doing his business, but because Osian wouldn't let him in the house.

Due to their poor health when they were young, the brothers haven't even experienced a change of cage at ARK. They're almost 2 years of age and so we thought their affectionate temperaments would serve them well at the adoption fair and wanted to give them the chance to find potential new families.

Even though it didn't go so well this time, we want to keep giving all the cats at ARK the chance to attend these events!

Towards the end, Tobo-kichi gave in to fatigue and sprawled on the floor.
Koyuki stopped by to check in on him.

As with our past events, we had a wonderful turnout at this adoption fair.

Thank you to the doggies that had previously been adopted from ARK that dropped by as well!

A big thanks to the families who have adopted ARK dogs for coming along to the event!

We also had visitors who were interested in volunteering for us and learning more about animal welfare. Many kindly made donations of money and supplies, and some people even brought provisions for the staff members! Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.
We can't begin to express how much this support means to us.
We're filled with gratitude.

We took the treats we received back to ARK and shared this wonderful love and support with our animals back there as well!

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