Happy News in a Rain Storm

We received many emails and calls from concerned people about the consecutive flood warnings and torrential downpours we had. Our dog enclosures have been destroyed in the past by a landslide, so we were monitoring conditions closely and hoping it would pass us by without any damage. Some of the roads in our area were closed off due to a landslide, but ARK didn't experience any major damage and our animals and staff are all OK. Your kind concern touched our hearts; thank you very much for worrying about us!

There's good news from ARK!

We had 3 adoptive families come to visit ARK in these conditions, even when some roads were closed off and they had to take a detour to get here. We're happy to tell you that the Pomeranian
Karubi-chan; Treasure, who had been at ARK for over 4 years, and Nyanko-chan, who had such difficulty finding a home, have left us!

Treasure gets scared easily; she's so shy that when a stranger peaks into her dog enclosure, she hides. She's not the easiest dog to take care of, so we couldn't recommend her to many prospective adopters.

It's difficult to describe the charm Treasure has – there is something special about her, which could only be felt by staff that took care of her and volunteers who took her for walks. Her smile, her cute way of playing, and the happy expressions she makes when she rolls around on a comfy blanket; these little adorable things about her just melt our hearts.

"Such a good girl, really a good girl, but she might have to spend the rest of her life here at ARK”- there were times when we almost gave up on any hopes of her finding a home.

But she finally found a new home that will understand her kind but shy nature!

Oh, we are just so happy for her! Our hearts are full of joy!
We can't be completely happy just yet, though, because we need to make sure that as time passes she forms a bond of trust with her new family, and that she won't cause any problems or try to escape.

We have to continue our efforts, and make even more of an effort to work with those that are shy and scared, and who find it "difficult to adjust"!

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