5/16 (Sun) KENKEN CLUB Adoption Event Report

An adoption fair was held in a borrowed classroom at KENKEN CLUB in Nishinomiya City on May 16.

This is Twilight, who came down from ARK.
He is from Awaji Island, so his nickname is Awaji-kun.
He was gentle with small children, didn't focus on Chess, the cat who was also there, and was very polite to everyone, young and old, male and female. We feel sure he would do well in any kind of family. Our one worry is that he may not be good at staying home alone. When he was in the cage in the car or separated from everyone he became anxious and whimpered. When his original rescuer left him up alone, he apparently chewed on things. But it's okay. He will be fine in a home where he doesn't have to stay alone much or where they have a good garden for him to stay in.

Biwako is one of 22 dogs who were left in cages on the banks of Lake Biwa in all types of weather. She was shy and frightful, and we thought it would be difficult to rehome her. She has been at ARK for more than 6 years. Maybe this is the first time Biwako has left ARK in 6 years. Normally at ARK, if a person she doesn't know walks by her enclosure, she and her sister Flea panic and howl, so we expected her to get scared and run away and bark and panic today, and took precautions. But we were all surprised by how calm she was! And impressed! Even though she was in a new place she actively explored it and remained calm.

Seeing her that way was enough to make me think, "I'm glad we brought her!" However, although she usually eats a lot, she wasn't able to eat from guests' hands, and she stayed standing the whole time except when held by the staff. At the end, she was dozing off while still standing.

Free, Biwako's sister, was even calmer than Biwako. Surrounded by guests, her expression was tense at first but it relaxed more and more, and she was able to walk around the room. What was even more surprising was that Free, who normally doesn't eat much, ate food and treats from the hands of the guests! We were very impressed!

Another touching scene was the reunion of siblings separated for a month and a half. Rex came to visit. Everyone who saw the three siblings catching up with each other got a warm feeling in their hearts.

But Rex soon went back to his own family. He doesn't need Biwako and Free anymore. He has found his own place. Together with his family, Rex looked more peaceful than we had ever seen him.

Biwako and Free are frightful and shy, but I felt I should find them families that will accept and love them even with those flaws, like Rex. We mustn't give up!

Old Man Chess has been at ARK almost 9 years. He has a distinct character and is popular with the staff, but hasn't had any luck being adopted. I was worried whether Chess, who has lived at ARK so long, would be able to act like himself and display his charms in a new place, but he ate and rubbed against guests and kissed small children. And he was even able to pee while everyone was watching. (He is the first cat to do that at an adoption fair.) He goes at his own pace and everyone liked him.

Few people applied to adopt, but a lot of information that could lead to opportunities was exchanged, and it was a good experience for Awaji-kun, Biwako-chan, Flea-chan, and Chess.
We'll continue looking for adopters at ARK!

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