April 25th (Sunday)GREEN DOG Adoption☆Event Report

An adoption event was held at GREEN DOG in Kobe City on April 25th (Sun). Participants included not only people interested in adopting, but many who support and are interested in ARK, as well as people looking to volunteer.

Wizard (Shippo), a friendly dog, showed his affection towards everyone. He showed off how well can sit. He accepted food nicely and was able to show his good side. Even when a little girl who was yelling loudly ran towards him, he didn't get overly excited and just quietly watched her, so he would do well in a home with children.

Running around from this person to that person from beginning to end was Shig.
His batteries were fully charged throughout the event, and he was happily moving about.
Everyone told Sig how cute he was, which seemed to satisfy him tremendously.

Perrier and Cider, a brother-sister pair, rested under the table and spent the day at their own pace. Even without much socialization experience and although they're a little vulnerable to changes in their environment, these two were able to relax from the outset and would wander towards the visitors that intrigued them.
Perrier, who doesn't eat much, didn't eat the food offered by the visitors, but instead, would go up to people even if there was no food. Good job, Perrier!
We were worried about Cider, who tends to be more inhibited, but he was asking for food from the visitors!

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Usually Happeny doesn't do well around men, but this day was different, and he played with men and women, young and old, all without making a fuss. He's been at ARK for six months and hasn't been able to find a home. He sometimes participates in adoption events and is such a cute-looking dog.

Poor Okoge-kun. From the first day he was taken in at ARK, he was relaxed and sweet, so we thought he would be able to demonstrate this friendly side at the adoption event, but he hid the whole time. However, he did react when a man peeked into his cage and called out to him, probably because his previous owner was a man.

No one found a new home on the day, but there were many wonderful couplings that hold promise for the future.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone for their donations of supplies and funds, which we will gratefully use for the animals at ARK.

Thank you to everyone who came!

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