ARK Reunion 2010☆Report

On April 11 (Sun), dogs adopted from ARK gathered for the ARK Reunion 2010/Spring Sports Festival.

The number of the dogs who came to the dog run at the planned construction site for ARK's new facility was 85 (plus 4 dogs adopted by ARK staff members). On top of that, 154 adoptive family members also came.

Siblings or dogs who were rescued together had the chance to meet up again and the adopters enjoyed a chat with each other.

Photographer Kyoko Harada came from Tokyo for the day.

The adopters were so glad of the chance for their lovely dogs to have their photos taken by a professional photographer.

On the day, it rained heavily in the morning, but the weather forecast said it would be cloudy with a chance of light rain so we decided to go ahead with the event!

When we arrived at the site, the weather had improved. Sometimes the sky was even clear.

It rained heavily from the opening ceremony until lunchtime, but the rain had stopped by the time we started the games in the afternoon.

The speed-eating contest: Homemade biscuits made by ARK supporters were used for this game.
Picky dogs and dogs on food restrictions also took part in this game because the biscuits were safe even for human consumption.

That's right - dogs were not the only ones who had to eat during this speed-eating contest!
Some ate quickly but couldn’t walk to the goal, some were quite slow to start eating, some kept eating at their own pace, and some ate but couldn’t swallow everything and gave up running...

The spoon competition: One dog loves balls so much that he grabbed the ball from the spoon his owner was holding, another owner lost her balance because her dog ran so fast and vice-versa, and one dog dropped his ball and lost the game just before the finish line...

The "Come here!" competition: This tests your relationship with your dog.
Some run straight to the goal like scared rabbits and ignore their owner, some stand frozen at the starting line, some want to run so badly that they keep breaking away, some are leisurely and walk to their owner at their own pace, while other dogs run in all directions...

Each of the dogs showed us their interesting or funny sides.

The "show your special skills/short performance" contest: Eight dogs showed us how well they could catch a ball. Chappy showed her two-legged walk, Shuta showed us being held by his big sis, Binky showed how she would come at the call of a dog whistle, Zara showed the tricks she learned through The Secret Inheritance, and Grasset showed off her dog-dance.

On the day, love was in the air in many shapes and colours.

These dogs are all different sizes, shapes, personalities and ages.
But the one thing they have in common is that they all look more peaceful than when they were at ARK, and we can see that they are happy.
Now they have their own families to love and be loved by.

Dogs are free from the past and the future because they live in the present. But these dogs remembered us. That really made us happy.
And they said to us, "Thanks, we're happy now".
The staff members had tears in their eyes as they were reunited with these dogs.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to the event despite the bad weather.
We also thank you for sharing such a memorable and fulfilling day with us. We're delighted that the day passed without any major hiccups.
Thank you very, very much!
Adopters, dogs and staff members please take care until we meet again!

To all participants, please send us your comments or feedback about the event.
To all bloggers, please place a link to this page if you write about the event.
Let's give all our supporters and adopters who couldn't join the event the chance to read about what a great time we had!

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