Shandy Returns

Shandy caught the eye of an adopter and left ARK, but she came back. And within a week!

We couldn't get a clear understanding of the reason, so in order to facilitate future placement, we sent her on a homestay at KK's house.

Shandy was one of four puppies abandoned in front of ARK at the end of last year. Their immune systems were weak, they had bad skin and enteritis, and antibiotics made them swell up with an allergic reaction, so they had to spend a vital developmental period focused on medical treatment rather than socialization, and their lack of experience gave them a cowardly side.

Even at ARK, if Shandy got nervous while on a walk she couldn't go on. We were worried about whether she'd be able to walk around KK's neighbourhood.

On the first walk after joining KK's pack, the newest member started walking easily. And here I was thinking I would have to hold her to let her get used to her surroundings.

She walked through the residential district in a normal, relaxed way. I think she picked up the mood of the other dogs because she's easily influenced by those around her.

In places with lots of greenery and no people, she was in an even better mood and jumped around happily.

When she passes a bicycle or car, or when a truck or bus makes a loud noise, she gets scared and stops. She stopped at an intersection and watched the cars and bicycles and pedestrians. At first she was agitated, but she grew more and more able to be calm around traffic and noise.

When she gets scared and stops, if I wait for her a while, she can start again on her own. I don't need to do anything in particular. I just have to accept her situation and wait for her.

She behaves the same when out for a walk without the other dogs.

Because she had been cared for by all female staff members, I was worried about her reaction to unknown men, but she wasn't afraid of my husband, and in fact showed interest and came up to him on their first meeting. Sometimes she barks at him when he comes into the living room, but she does that to me too and she soon stops. She didn't bark during her first two days here, so I think she picked up the habit from our nervous dog, Koruri.

She's not oversensitive or nervous, likes to be held, and is friendly and obedient toward people. She is great with other dogs as well. Even in a new environment she eats all her food and has healthy stools. She plays with other dogs or by herself, relaxes indoors, and sleeps well; Shandy's level of fear is much milder than I had imagined.

That's my report after three days at KK's house.

One reason given for her return was that she was afraid of cats, but when we showed her cats at ARK, she wasn't afraid, or fixated on them, and didn't seem to care about them at all. We hope we can find a better match for her with a family!

This is her sister Cider.
Cider and Perrier also went to stay at staff homes. They are past the age for socialization but it's not too late. There's no manual for raising children, human or canine!

They are doing their best to live as dogs who are well-loved.

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Minami Aoyama @ DOG SIGN
Date: April 24 (Sat) 11:00-14:00

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date: April 25 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

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