Baby Goats Born

It happened on an ordinary morning two weeks ago.
A staff member cleaning the goat shed discovered something coming out of Notty (a.k.a Takako)'s bottom.
Could she be sick?!?!?!

No, she had given birth to two baby goats!

Goats are pregnant for 5 months.
She was rescued in December, so that means she was already pregnant when she came to ARK.

It is embarrassing to admit, but none of us at ARK had any clue that she was pregnant.
"You sure are putting on those pounds by eating so much" we used to say.

A couple days after they were born, something seemed amiss with the babies.
They were looking weaker and weaker.
It turned out that Takako was having difficulty giving milk.
We were worried she may have inflamed mammary glands and made frantic calls to many veterinarians, trying to make sense of the different and often contradictory advice we received.
We finally got a hold of fresh goat milk and bottle-fed the babies, but as it was a completely new experience for us, the first week was a big struggle.

These days the two kids are happy and healthy, and growing steadily.
They're venturing out of their shed and running around the hills.
It's a joy watching them frolic about every day!

They are the cutest pair.
The girl we named Heidi and the boy, Peter (in honour of the popular Swiss children's book).
Both of them are very affectionate and love to be held.

It doesn't seem to bother Takako when people touch her babies.
Eating seems to be a bigger concern to her...

Perhaps she's so hungry because she’s feeding her kids.

Our other two male goats are also big eaters. If anyone out there could donate hay for the goat shed or some goat feed, we would really appreciate it!
Also, anyone living in a goat-friendly environment that could adopt these guys, we'd love to hear from you.
Unfortunately we can't take care of all of them at ARK!

Tokyo ARK Adoption Event in Komazawa @ Dog Life Design
Date: April 10 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Place: Dog Life Design

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date: April 25 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
Place: GREEN DOG SQUARE (Japanese only)

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