Introducing...the T-Touch!

In the free moments between work, we often hold study sessions here at ARK in an attempt to further our understanding of animals, improve their quality of life, and boost their chances of finding new homes. We’re always extremely grateful when volunteers, like vets and animal trainers, take the time to teach us. Here at ARK we’re dedicated to taking what we learn and using it to make our animals all a whole lot happier.


Domestic dog trainer, Ms. Tsuda, is one such volunteer. Once every few weeks, she gives us workshops free of charge. Ms. Tsuda is the owner of KEN KEN CLUB, a dog training school based in Nishinomiya city. She is also the adoptive mother of some of ARK’s previous residents. Currently, she is teaching us about “positive-based training” – a method of dog training made famous by renowned animal-handler Terry Ryan – and ethology, the science of understanding animal behavior.


Most recently, Ms. Tsuda taught us about something called the “T-Touch”. The T-Touch was created by Linda Tellington and combines bodywork and a number of exercises to reduce stress, improve health, and promote a better balance between mind and body.


The ARK staff attending the T-Touch workshop were all ears. In just a few minutes a day, the possibility of reducing pet stress and correcting troublesome behavior is simply too good to pass up. Not only that, but it’s a technique that can be practiced in a spare moment between work, your daily walks or even when you’re just spending some quiet time with your pet.

There are a lot of scared animals out there, but we’ll take care of that!


Lizzie here, who gets nervous easily, gives an exercise called the ‘confidence course’ a try. Apparently, dogs don’t really understand how big or small their own bodies are. In this exercise, dogs can become more conscious of their bodies through a series of obstacles that promote calmness and confidence when completed. Dogs whose minds and bodies aren’t properly balanced often stumble about or bump into the obstacles. For Lizzie though, it was no sweat. All clear! Some dogs who are especially nervous and still not used to the obstacles, often try to leave to the confidence course like, “You want me to walk on that!?”


Old-timer Punch-kun here gave it a shot as well. We were worried about whether he’d be able to walk through it properly, but he finished with flying colors!

Later, when we tried the T-Touch on Tarquin, he closed his eyes and starting dozing off – completely at ease. The T-Touch is amazing! Tarquin is a dog with some delicate points, so we’re looking forward to using T-Touch a little bit each day to help him relax.

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