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Yesterday was a very successful day for ARK; we had an interview with applicants to become an adoptive family, tours for visitors, volunteers and those who brought us donations. And kittens who were scheduled to be re-homed were picked up by their new families as well as 7-year-old Kumajiro. Yes, there was a lot of happiness yesterday!

Here I would like to introduce Lambrusco whose adoptive family was decided yesterday.

Lambrusco lived by a riverbank as a stray for over 7 years. His friends were captured by animal control, but he alone survived and came to ARK.

Lambrusco can be a bit of a “scaredy-dog” but he is very obedient to people and the staff who take care of him can vouch for his calm and gentle personality. However, he is a mixed mid-sized dog on the large side, has cataracts and liver problems requiring routine blood tests, and he is estimated to be somewhere between 7-10 years old.

And to add to these, he also has a severe case of filariasis (parasites).

Lambrusco has very good toilet manners. His personality and the fact that he does not need to be trained or taught further manners made him a good candidate for adoption. However, because of his size and his health issues, we felt the chance of him finding a new home would be very slim.

So we cannot thank enough his new family who chose him. We had also introduced them to some other dogs, but they told us that they thought the other dogs seemed to have a higher chance of finding a new home and they preferred Lambrusco for his calm and kind personality. His new family chose him based on their willingness to give their love to a rescued dog and compatibility with his personality.

After a life as a stray for over 7 years, Lambrusco has finally found love and happiness. Last night must the very first night for him to sleep inside of a warm house. In the photo, we can see the happiness in his eyes.

To be rescued by ARK is not a happy ending for the animals – a happy ending for the animals is finding a new home where they are welcomed as a loved member of the family.

We wish him all the happiness on behalf of the other dogs who lived by the same riverbank but who were captured and killed by animal control.

We hope that other older dogs and dogs with health issues can find happiness like Lambrusco did.
We wish for this from the bottom of our hearts.

*** From the staff who are taking care of bunnies ***

Thank you very much for your support, we cannot do what we do without you.
Recently we have been facing a shortage of rabbit food (pellet food) and we hope we can have your support for donations.
Please help us feed these hungry bunnies!
Thank you.

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