Sweet Hatsune’s Body and Soul are Being Worn Away

Hatsune was rescued by the police when she was found wandering about. She's very friendly towards people and other dogs. A black Labrador Retriever with a cheerful and obedient personality, for her the word "aggressive" is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

She knew all the commands like “sit," “shake a paw," “roll over," and “wait." And it seems like she has also been spayed. We estimate that she's about 1-2 years of age. Her body was not too dirty, and everyone thought that her owner would soon come to claim her. However, her owner didn’t show up and the day for her to be sent to animal control had come.

Hatsune's weight was average for her size when she was rescued by ARK, but now look at the curve in her waist that has occurred in a matter of one month. I'm jealous... No, it isn't funny to make such a joke.

She loves people, she wants to be with people, and she can't relax in the dog enclosure. When people come, she gets so happy that she becomes overly excited. And when people leave, she goes back to the dog enclosure to look for them. She's become tense all the time because of the appearance and disappearance of attention from people. She longs for affection and that's the reason why she's losing weight. A number of animals find ARK too stimulating and hectic so they can easily lose weight or develop diarrhea due to overactive intestines.

In addition to her weight loss, the pH level of Hatsune's urine has risen to the point where we’ve discovered struvite crystals, which signal the beginning of bladder stones.

A lowered immune system due to stress can cause all sorts of other illnesses. Especially for animals who have no control over their lives and whose fate is determined at the convenience of humans, this is an unavoidable situation.

If her stay at ARK lasts any longer, and even if we try to treat her symptoms through diet and medication, the only way for her to get better is to remove the source of her stress. If her condition worsens and/or becomes chronic, it will be too late. So that's why she has been temporarily evacuated to KK's home.

Why on earth was a dog as sweet and obedient as Hatsune abandoned in the first place?

Did the owner get laid off and become homeless?
Did the owner get into debt and have to hide from debt collectors?
Was there an unavoidable reason that meant the owner couldn't keep Hatsune, so he/she decided to abandon her with the hope that someone would rescue her instead of taking her to animal control?
BUT if no one had rescued her, she would surely have been sent to animal control to be killed.

Did her previous owner even give the slightest thought to how an abandoned dog must feel? If you have any experience of living with a dog, you must have once or twice thought this when playfully hiding in the corner to surprise your dog.

That facial expression full of fear and anxiety.
That face when the dog is desperately looking for her/his beloved owner.
But in Hatsune's case, it was not just playful hiding.
Her owner never came back.
We don't know the reason why her owner disappeared. In every animal control/rescue centre in Japan there are animals desperately waiting for their owners to come and claim them, but they only have a short time limit until they are sent for execution.

At KK's house, Hatsune has perked up a little but often times she cannot get a sufficient amount of sleep. Finally, her exhausted nerves let her sleep, but she's always on the alert and jumps awake every time she hears the movements of people.

We really want her to leave her past behind and to find a new warm home where she can sleep peacefully.
She's small for a Labrador Retriever, and her ideal weight is about 20kg. She's temporarily staying at a foster home so she is not usually at ARK.

If you would like to adopt Hatsune, please contact us!

She is scheduled to join the adoption event in Nishinomiya.

Tokyo ARK Event in Aoyama at the United Nations University
Date: March 13 (Sat) 12:00-15:00 (the Farmer's Market is open from 10:00-16:00)
Place: In front the United Nations University

Osaka ARK Adoption Event & Photo Exhibit in Nishinomiya @ KEN KEN CLUB
Date: March 21 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

ARK Reunion 2010 and Spring Sports Day
Date: April 11 (Sun) 11:30~
Place: ARK Sanctuary Land, Shitsukawa, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

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