The Little Drama Queen!

What's that?
There is a small cream-coloured thing in KK's living room...??

Campari-chan, didn't you go back to ARK after the adoption event?

Campari is a lively dog who is friendly to both people and other dogs, however, there is one small problem...

She can be such a drama queen.

When she had to get her stitches out after spaying, she made such a big fuss that 3 people had to hold
her down. And when she got her combination vaccination, she just cried and put up such a fight. Even at our adoption event, she took treats from people but hesitated to be petted or held.

At our home, when our kids bump into her ever so slightly, she cries as if the world is coming to an end.

She definitely surpasses those soccer players who overreact on the field, crying foul play.
She even flips her lid or cries when it is her fault or when there was not even any contact with her.
This is just too much...

She does not show any aggressiveness and she just cries, so for now we need to deal with the issue as disturbing behaviour. However, as she grows to be an adult dog and nothing changes, it may cause a problem.

For example, if we handle her in the wrong way and she becomes physical or vocal at the vet during a check up or an injection, it may lead to her having a problem with letting people touch her. And if the adoptive family is too picky, sensitive or spoils her too much by letting her have her way, this behavioural pattern may become worse. Someone who can can be calm with her and not get frustrated would be a good family for Campari.

Except her overreacting, Campari really has no other flaws.

From the beginning, she has been going to her wee-wee pad to go to the toilet every time, she does not bark unless there is a reason, she is relaxed during her walks and enjoys them, she does not get car sick, she is very affectionate and obedient, she is friendly to other dogs, so there really is nothing else to complain about her.

In the beginning, our kids were startled and puzzled by Campari when she just cried and cried in such a dramatic manner, but now it seems like they've gotten used to it and they've stopped paying attention to her when she does it.

This time is different from the time with Goo-Goo, and there isn't really much that us humans can teach her. She needs to be exposed to petting by our kids, and being held and touched as much as possible, and for us to let her be herself.

Oh Campari, roll around, be loved, and grow strong!

What? Is that Campari cuddling up to Kamome?
Yep, she just loves to cuddle...

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