Pauline’s Red Thread

Pauline was kept in an animal-hoarding situation. She had many puppies because she hadn't been spayed, and her previous owner kept taking in abandoned dogs. However, due to economic difficulties, the owner was unable to care for all the dogs. Pauline is one of the dogs taken in by ARK at the request of the owner.

Pauline is shy around strangers. At first when I tried to take her out for a walk, she kept following the staff member in charge of her and seemed insecure.

Pauline scares a bit easily. One time she panicked and broke her cage.

Her experiences consist of not having had many opportunities for human contact and having been locked up in a cage. Therefore, experiences that are different from normal or that are "new" are frightening for her.

These problems wouldn't have occurred if she'd been able to experience different situations and be socialized from when she was a puppy. But that's water under the bridge now.

During our walk, she didn't pull on her leash and she managed to walk slowly with me. She was playful too. Deep down inside, she's really friendly and likes to be near people.

She wasn't very good around other dogs. When Pauline wanted to play, she couldn't introduce herself very well and wasn't able to make friends, but she's improved on that front and now has a new roommate.

The training for her to adjust to the cage at the kennel is going well. Even though I'm not her regular caretaker, when I tell her to, she goes into her cage without any resistance.

Is this right??

No matter how old a dog is, humans can help change that dog. She responds to our love.

There is a belief in Japan that we all have an invisible red thread that connects us to our destined partner. We hope Pauline will find a family at the end of her red thread--a family she's destined to be with.

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