A Large-scale Rescue of 30 Chihuahuas

As reported in ARK News, ARK has rescued 30 Chihuahuas.

On December 9th, Ms. Oliver and KK climbed into the minivan and got on to the highway.

The staff had loaded the back with an elaborate arrangement of small dog cages, but as they didn't know exactly how many dogs they would be rescuing, they could only wait and see if it would be enough.

At first we were told there would be 19, but then the next we heard there were 25. Then they said
"It seems like there might be more of them”and the night before, the number had reached 30.

"No, there might be even more..."

Would they all fit in the van?

Would we have room for them at ARK?

Despite this anxiety, somehow or other, we were able to get them all, and we made this report on ARK News.

(Up next is a trim♪)

Things are pretty hectic for our staff right now.

First of all, just telling the dogs apart is hard. And on top of that, as well as checking the information we got from the breeder who owned them, we need to perform various character, compatibility and health checks.

Some of them have birth defects, cherry eye (a congenital eye defect) or hydrocephalous, which is common in Chihuahuas. But it's a relief that they are all cheerful and obedient dogs.

Troops of Chihuahuas have even claimed the kitchen in the staff break room as a playground.

They're cute, but because they're small, if you don't pay attention, you could accidentally kick them.

It would be nice if we could quickly place them all with families, but first we have to do the necessary medical care, spaying and neutering and microchipping.

We are asking for everyone's help with the associated costs for those procedures.

We would also be extremely grateful if anyone could donate small kibble dry food for older dogs. Also, because we have some dogs that can't eat dry food unless it’s mixed with canned, we would appreciate growth-formula canned food for puppies.

We really appreciate your help and cooperation.

Postal account: 00970-2-267840 
Account name: Large-scale rescue
(In the place for comments, please write “30 Chihuahuas.”)

We are also accepting applications for foster families!

Osaka ARK - Animals for Adoption ← Click here!

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