November 22nd (Sun) GREEN DOG Adoption Event Report

This is a report from one of our regular GREEN DOG Adoption Events held on November 22nd.
Despite the fact that it was raining, many people interested in ARK came to the event.

This time, the event was held alongside the Photo Panel Exhibit of photographer Kyoko Harada.

In the lead-up to our 20th anniversary next year, ARK has been holding a nationwide tour exhibiting photographs taken by Kyoko Harada. The exhibit in GREEN DOG will be held until November 30th. Please visit the exhibit!

Well, how are the cats and dogs looking for a home doing…?

Mittons was relaxed throughout the event despite the place being new to him. He meowed and ate lots of food. Since he was getting food from a kid he’d just met for the first time, it seems he can get along with anyone, even if they’ve never had a cat before, or it’s a family with kids.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the cage Mittons is in is the one donated at GREEN DOG’s November 1st Bow Wow Campaign. Thank you very much for your help with this.

Sunny is a mixed-breed girl who looks like a small Labrador Retriever. We rescued her while she was wandering a residential street.
She’s calm, cheerful, and likes to be with people. I wonder what happened to this sweet girl. She won’t tell me. Her estimated age is about 8 years old.

Lorelei (left) is cautious and usually barks at people who pass the dog enclosure. But deep inside, she likes to be hugged and petted. She barked when visitors came, but she went up to lots of people afterwards. She wasn’t afraid and was, in fact, relaxed. The ARK staff would like to recommend the small and friendly Lorelei!

Happeny (right) was afraid when men or anyone new to him tried to pet him, but he went close to whoever had a snack and sat up and begged next them. He seemed to enjoy it. It seems that he’s fully-grown but still looks like a puppy with cute paws and big ears. His sleepovers at KK’s home continued after the event and he’s getting better little by little; he’s almost perfectly toilet trained now.

Spectaclehad been used as a breeding dog.
We treated tumors of the mammary gland and broken teeth at ARK.
I hope she’ll find a good owner and be happy.

This time, the only animal who found a prospective new family was Florin. Since she’s afraid of lots of things, we asked the family to visit ARK again. I hope she will be adopted.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the puppy called Nami. Many people liked her, hugged her and gave her snacks, and she seemed to enjoy it. Since she’d been a little bit shy recently, this seemed to be a good experience for her.

I wish that as many animals as possible will get adopted soon, because in winter it snows, the drinking water in the buckets freezes, and it gets very cold at ARK.

To those who visited the event with dogs that they had adopted from ARK previously to tell us how the dogs are doing, we thank you very much!
We’re planning to hold a “reunion” for dogs adopted from ARK next spring. We’d like to meet the dogs and their families, so please come!

We appreciate that so many people visited the event even though none of the animals found a new home.
To those who brought items we need, bought calendars and other ARK goods, and the many people who visited the event, thank you very much.
Please keep supporting ARK and animals in need!

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