Happeny’s Sleepover Training Camp

Here at ARK, we train our animals to be able to adjust to domestic situations and settings so that they can be adopted more easily and be taken into a home. We take them into crowds of people so that they get used to social settings. Those with disadvantages such as a shy personality or friendly personality but with health problems and/or filaria are taken to the homes of our staff members for sleepovers. By doing this, we try to expose them to regular household situations so that it’ll be easier for them to be adopted. Yes, here at ARK, our job does not end with business hours; we are all “ARK-ing” in private.

I brought Happeny back to my house.

Happeny grew up in an apartment, so he was relaxed from the beginning at my (KK’s) home, sniffing around in the living room.
Even my turning on the TV didn’t even bother him a bit.

When he met my dogs, their rather rough welcome made him hide in a corner.
But Happeny is always very good with other dogs at ARK, so he quickly made friends with them.

Happeny is one hearty eater.
By the gate in the kitchen, he waits for his meal with such excitement.
But Happeny also has a shy side.
This was the first time he had met my husband, but he didn’t come over all shy when my husband was feeding him. He’d jump and beg him for his meal, and he would follow him around even if he didn’t have a treat.
But he was scared to be petted and didn’t want to be touched.

Well, time for a walk, let’s see how it goes.
Our neighbourhood consists of closely built houses, schools, a kindergarten, busy streets, rice fields, and a riverbank.

First, we brought my dogs along with him to create a bond between us and to reduce his anxiety. He sometimes got scared, but his fear was not directed at anything or anyone specific. However, he was so frightened by that “fellow” standing in the middle of the field that he couldn’t go forward during his walk at night. The next day when we walked by the “fellow”, he stared at him for a while and after that he was able to walk past him.

When we took him for a walk just by himself without the other dogs, he was more nervous than when he was with other dogs. But he didn’t panic over cars or bicycles, nor did he refuse to walk. In general, he seemed to like going for a walk.

The success rate with his toilet training was about 60%. When we lead him to the toilet spot, he’d smoothly do his business there, but when we weren’t paying full attention, he had some accidents. However, sometimes he was able to go to the toilet on his own. I think he’s capable of being fully toilet trained very quickly at his future home.

One concern I have is that when my husband tried to wipe his paws after a walk, he panicked. When I wipe his paws, he’s fine. In the house, he follows my husband, lays next to him to relax, and begs for treats – but when he goes to pet him, he runs away and he wouldn’t let him touch him. I wonder if he is scared of strangers and men.
Well, it only has been a few days since we met so we ought to give him more time and be patient.

His motion sickness in cars has been gradually improving. When other staff members took him on a field trip, he had a bad case of motion sickness. But this time, with me and my rather rough driving, he didn’t get that sick and only drooled a little. We also went for a drive to Nara not so long ago. As he experiences more drives, he’ll definitely get used to it. He didn’t give us any trouble in the car (to the point that we almost forgot that he was in the car with us) and he stays calm. It was very easy to take him for a ride in the car.

     (Don’t worry, he’s chewing on a toy made out of an old pair of jean, not getting up to any mischief★)

This sleepover training camp was short-term, only for 3 nights.
I think our objective here was to let him be exposed to a lot of strangers and men so he could become more comfortable and get used to them.

Happeny is about 6-7 months old. He’s very easy to take care of because he’s calmer than a puppy with some puppy qualities left in him. Now is the perfect time to adopt him. Next Sunday he will be participating in an 、adoption event in Kobe.
I wish him the best of luck in finding his destined home!

To celebrate ARK’s 20th anniversary, GREEN DOG SUQARE in Kobe is holding a photo panel exhibition with pictures by Kyoko Harada. It will be open until November 30th. Please visit us to experience ARK through her lively photographs of the animals!

Kobe☆Adoption Event at Green Dog
November 22nd (Sun) 13:00 ~ 17:00 
In conjunction with the 20th anniversary photo panel exhibition! Participating
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Minami Aoyama☆Tokyo ARK Adoption Event
November 28th (Sat) 11:00~14:00

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