The Doggy Incident

Wombat left Field Note with Jink’s adopter at the previous . As you have probably guessed, she was having a trial period. A few days later, we heard from the adopter by e-mail that Wombat was exploring and adjusting to the new environment pretty well for a “scaredy cat,” and we thought we’d have good news for this blog.

That’s when it happened: The incident.

Wombat escaped during a walk.
With the help of lots of different people, we searched desperately, but days went by without any news of the dog’s whereabouts.
On the evening of the fifth day, the sun had completely set; we had given up and were preparing to leave.
Then the dog was found safe!
She was a little panicky but was uninjured and in good health.

Since she was in the middle of a trial period, we had a discussion about what to do with Wom-chan.
The family realized they had let their guard down too much with the easily-frightened Wom-chan and regretted it deeply.
But I think the biggest cause was insufficient information on my part before starting the trial period. I wasn’t specific enough about how to handle easily-frightened dogs. There’s nothing better than to gain a little trust from a dog who’s frozen with fear, so it ‘s only natural to relax your guard. I don’t think there was any fault on the part of the adopters when the dog escaped. I caused Wom-chan to experience five difficult days of uncertainty by neglecting my duties as an employee of ARK, someone entrusted with the lives of animals. I also caused great inconvenience to the neighbors and other people involved.

This time, Wom-chan was found safely, but it was really only luck that she was. The probability of bad news was high. ARK handles a lot of animals and not all their stories have happy endings.

The result of the discussion was that Wom-chan would become Jink’s new sister and be a part of the family. When I saw Wom-chan safely back at Jink’s house, I thought, “She’s cute… she has a much more girlish-looking face than when I saw her at ARK.” Apparently, the other staff member who was also there thought the same thing. She came to ARK as a puppy and went four years without a chance at a home before finally reaching this day. I’m very grateful to the adopting family for not turning her down even after this incident.


↓↓↓Here’s an excerpt from the adopting family’s update about Wom-chan↓↓↓

This morning, after she ate her own food, she and Jink ran around the table together several times, as though saying, “I want that bread too!”
I was startled.

Although she worried everyone a lot, I think she came back a little stronger.
Everyone laughs and says she must have come to realize that eating is important.
She isn’t set on edge so much these days by various noises when taking a walk.
(She eats well, so she poops twice a day in the morning and evening.)
But when the walk is over, she tries to go into the trees. (She’s mistaking her place to go home to…)

(Before the incident, she was huddling in a corner of the room and not eating well…)

“Easily frightened,” “distrustful,” “shy,” “sensitive,” “bad with changes in environment,” “inexperienced.”
In some ways it’s more difficult to live with dogs with these qualities, but there are some happy feelings that only people who live with these dogs can experience.

I want all dogs to be happy.
I want to help them live in a warm house surrounded by love.
I pray that as many as possible of the dogs whose lives are turned upside down by humans will be saved.

Keeper and Zlotty, who participated in the Field Note adoption party, have also found happy new families!

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