Documentary: Dogs, Cats & Humans

A documentary film entitled Dogs, Cats & Humans has been receiving a lot of attention recently.
The film is currently showing in Tokyo and has done well on the Pia Movie Ranking.
The director, Motoharu Iida, kindly invited our staff to the screening in Osaka, and the following is a review.


A Review of the Screening of Dogs, Cats & Humans

Described as a “documentary examining the current circumstances of animals in Japan,” I arrived at the screening of the film fully prepared to bawl my eyes out with a handkerchief gripped tightly in my hand. However, the actual movie was not overly dramatic nor did it attempt to be a sob-fest. It presented information in a neutral, objective voice, and I came out of the theater feeling refreshed and invigorated. That’s not to say that I didn’t get teary-eyed at certain moments, but there were also many heart-warming scenes that overall make the movie appealing to anyone.

Animal welfare, or rather animals in general, had been of no particular interest to Iida, until a certain lady approached him with a request, and soon filming began. Iida began to learn about the reality of pets in Japan through making the film, and in the process developed questions and doubts of his own. As Iida confronts these doubts, the audience can discover the answers just as he does.

For those of you thinking, “I like dogs and cats, but I don’t want to see a sad movie,” there’s no need to worry. You can go see this film without bracing yourself for heartbreak. Inviting friends and acquaintances that are skeptical of the need for animal protection to this movie would be a great way of introducing them to the issues.

The current issue of the magazine, AERA, has an article entitled “The Japanese Democratic Party is Kind to Dogs”.
In another magazine, CREA DOG, there is a section dedicated to “What We Can Do to Decrease the Number of Unhappy Dogs.”
I believe that overall interest in animal protection is currently increasing.

ARK recognizes this increasing interest and will work even harder to raise awareness of the need for higher standards of animal welfare in Japan.

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10/10〜 Tokyo, Eurospace  TEL: 03-3461-0211
10/17〜  Niigata Pref. Tokamachi Cinema Paradise TEL: 025-752-7505

11/7〜  Aichi Pref. Nagoya Cinema Take    TEL: 052-733-3959
11/21〜  Okayama Pref. Cinema Clair  TEL: 086-231-0019
11/21〜  Hiroshima Pref. Yokogawa Cinema  TEL: 082-231-1001
11/28〜  Kanagawa Pref. Cinema Jack & Betty TEL: 045-243-9800 
Late Nov. Osaka Pref. The Seventh Art Theater   TEL: 06-6302-2073
Late Nov. Kyoto Pref. Kyoto Minami Theater TEL: 075-661-3993
Early Dec. Hokkaido Theater Kino  TEL: 011-231-9355
12/5〜  Fukuoka Pref. KBC Cinema 1-2 TEL: 092-751-4268
12/7〜  Ehime Pref. Cinema Lunatic  TEL: 089-933-9240
12/12〜  Hyogo Pref. Kobe Art Village Center TEL: 078-512-5500
12/12〜  Tokushima Pref. Cine Arute  TEL: 088-632-2239
12/12〜  Toyama Pref.  Forza Sogawa TEL: 076-493-8815

1/16,17  Nagano Pref. Matsumoto Cinema Select TEL: 0263-98-4928
Jan. 2010 Kanagawa Pref. Kawasaki City Art Center  TEL: 044-955-0107
Jan. 2010 Shizuoka Pref. Hamamatsu CINEMAe_ra  TEL: 053-489-5539
Jan. 2010 Niigata Pref. Niigata CineWind  TEL: 025-243-5530
Jan. 2010 Hokkaido Pref. Tomakomai Cinema Taurus  TEL: 0144-37-8182
Jan. 2010 Gunma Pref. Cinema Takasaki TEL: 027-325-1744

Additional locations will be added in the future!

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