Al Rehomed!

Al has been rehomed!!! I hinted about this at the end of my entry about the last adoption event, but because it hadn’t been decided I didn’t want to say too much. He had started a trial with a new family, but at that time we weren’t sure if he would get along with the dogs they already had.

Al’s new home is with Boss and Cherry!
We were worried at first because Boss didn’t really like Al, but now they are good buddies. Al has become one of the family♪ This is thanks to all love the family gives their dogs.

Al has been waiting to find his forever family and to lead a normal dog’s life.
He can now go for walks with his new mom and dad, and he can sleep deeply on top of warm blankets.

◆◆◆ A Message from Al’s Family ◆◆◆

At first when we used to open the front door, Al would come to greet
us excitedly. We would try to take what he was holding in his mouth from him but he didn’t want us to. However, over time his behavior changed. He would come running up to the second floor with his tailing wagging and the newspaper in his mouth. We would say “thank you” and take the newspaper from him. And he would let go of it! Now we have him bring us many different things.
Al is very well-behaved and so cute! He is such a well-trained Golden Retriever that it makes me sad to think that nobody wanted to adopt him.
He even lets me clean his ears.
Al is such a good dog!


Al, you are one lucky boy!

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