Pottsun the Sponsor Cat

Hello. My name is Pattsun-sama-o. Hey, why are you laughing?

I got such a long name because the staff thought my forehead looked like the “pottsun” hairstyle that is popular here, because I was found in the summer, and because I am a boy.
Phew! It’s hard to explain in English so I hope you’ll just accept the name!

I have been chosen as one of ARK’s sponsor cats. A big thank you to all my sponsors!

When I feel really stressed I begin to hyperventilate.
One day, my breathing became so strange that they had to take me to the vet. I had to spend about an hour in car going through fields and over mountains in order to get to the vet. I didn’t know where I was going and got so nervous inside my small cage. I was so upset I had trouble breathing.

An x-ray of my heart showed that it’s a somewhat irregular shape. But it’s not so bad that I need to take medicine regularly. The vet said I need to lead a quiet life with as little stress as possible.

I’ve heard the staff talking about me.
“Even though he easily gets bladder infections and has to eat prescription food, and is shy with people, I’m sure that somebody will want to adopt him. But what happens if we put him in the car to take him to his new family and he starts to hyperventilate and damages his heart further?”
“I tell prospective families that despite the membrane adhesion in his right eye, he can still see fine and lead a normal life, but they avoid him and aren’t interested…”
”I guess we won’t be able to find him a home…”

When I was a kitten I got along really well with the other kittens. But over time I ended up getting into a lot of fights. I just wanted to play…Maybe my way of playing wasn’t right?

I don’t know when it started, but at some point in my life I became scared of strangers. I would think “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” and become so nervous that I couldn’t breathe well. What I really want is to be loved, petted and hugged.

If it were somebody that I knew then I would jump up on their lap and massage their legs with my paws.

So this is why I was chosen to be a sponsor cat.
If you’re interested in me, please go to the “Sponsor a Pet” link on the ARK homepage.

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