Suzu’s Miracle

Since Suzu had lived with a single male owner, it was hard for her to get used to the environment of ARK. We can’t blame her for that; there are a lot of cats and dogs, many people come and go, and it’s always noisy. Her feelings are natural for a cat who has mostly lived quietly by herself.

She had to stay alone in a tiny room for a while. She couldn’t move in to the relatively spacious shared cat enclosure because she doesn’t like other cats and didn’t get along with them.

We aren’t sure if this was the reason, but we found something that looked like a rash on her belly. She had a lot of bumps all over her belly, like the bumps you see on massage slippers.

According to a vet’s diagnosis, there was a possibility that she had tumors of the mammary gland and she might survive only six months.

One of the ARK staff said, “I’m going to take her home and take care of her. I doubt anyone would adopt a cat who might live for just six months, and I don’t want her to live a stressful life in a tiny room for the remainder of her life.”

She wasn’t close to people at ARK, but to our surprise, she became close to the staff member who took her in; she meows when she comes home and asks to be petted. She eats anything and can stay home by herself for hours at a time. She easily gets used to friends or visitors. We never imagined this when she was at ARK.

And something unbelievable happened!
Those tumor-like bumps disappeared! The vet said she doesn’t have a tumor and the cause of the bumps is unknown; it could be just an inflammation of the mammary gland. We saw the vet two months later and the vet said she’s all right.

I wonder what happened to her. Was it herpes caused by stress? I think, however, she could have ended up with malignant cancer if she had stayed in the stressful environment of ARK.

After many twists and turns, Suzu is no longer a cat that isn’t adoptable because she may live only six months. Instead, she’s a cat that’s easy to live with, and would be a good partner. We’d recommend her to single people, couples who have given up on having dogs because both have a job and are out of the house all day, or people who just want a calm, adult cat.

Please call us before you visit ARK if you wish to see Suzu. The staff member who is looking after her will bring her to ARK to see you!

◆◆◆ Profile of Suzu ◆◆◆

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