September 13th (Sunday) GREEN DOG Adoption Event☆Report

This is a report from one of our regular GREEN DOG Adoption Events.

This time around, many people brought items to donate. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to everyone for their support. Thank you very much! We will use all the donated items with care for our ARK animals.

Poo was scheduled to participate, but was adopted, so Mitchy took Poo’s place.
It had been a while since Mitchy had been out, so he was overly excited. The photo
shows Mitchy tired out by the time the visitors arrived.

IMG_5976_1.jpg20090913ミカ1_1Mika scares easily, but participated as part of her socialization practice,
and seemed to have fun strutting around. At ARK, Mika has the reputation of
scaring easily and only allowing certain staff members near her, and so being difficult to introduce to potential adopters, but she completely changed that perception at this event when everyone saw how relaxed she could be. We also thought that she disliked men, but she was able to leave the staff’s side and wander close to people she was interested in. She even ate treats that were offered to her.
Not once did she eat from my hand…(sigh)

Before coming to ARK, Mika was living with a homeless person in a large family of 31 other dogs. Perhaps she was overly protected as she was living in a storage container box.

And, here are former ARK dogs who came to see us…

Here’s Brittany Spaniel Mei (female, pictured above on the far left). Mei’s younger sister
Chame (female, pictured above right) always seems to be getting scolded by her older sister Mei, who joined the family after her. After hearing about their daily routine, and listening to stories about their diet and hospital visits, we truly understand how loved they are. Mei, who has a chronic illness, seemed very energetic, which is all thanks to her adopter’s abundant love.

Although Sakura (female) always has her grooming done at GREEN DOG, she was a bit scared. Sakura’s two older human sisters saved up their allowance to buy clothes for the ARK animals. Wearing clothes that those two so thoughtfully bought will help the animals prepare for the coming cold winter. Thank you so much!

Just as you have found happiness, we’ll strive to find happiness for more dogs.

Bonanza has been adopted!
It was unexpected that such a cute, active pup who gets along well with other dogs, couldn’t find a new home right away, but destiny has brought Bona this wonderful mom and dad.

Cats Ume and Karin participated in this event. We had planned to bring their sibling Anzu too, but she had tummy troubles, so she stayed behind.
The stress and fatigue of moving around seemed to affect the two cats at first, but they gradually started to relax. Once everyone started paying attention to them, they had fun playing. Before we realized it, they had even eaten.

Ume, are you lounging on top of Karin?
Who was it that had earlier been hiding under a cushion?

20090913アル1_120090913アル2_1IMG_5944.jpg 20090913アル3_1
Lusty was scheduled to participate, but was adopted, so Al took his place.
Al enjoyed the special treatment from everyone and basked in the attention from
beginning to end.

Even Al…

Oops! That’s still a secret…!

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