Part 3 of the Animal Welfare Feature in the September 7th issue of AERA! (On sale from September 1st!)

Another article about pet issues will be published in the September 7th issue of AERA (on sale from September 1st).

Title: “No-kill Dog Rescue Common Sense in Germany: Heaven and Hell for Dogs.”

December 8, 2008 issue: “The Dark Side of the Pet Business”
April 5, 2009 issue: “Every Thursday is Abandoned Dog Day”
The 3rd article continues with these themes.

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Thank you so much for reading AERA and for your important feedback.
It has been a long time since the last article was published. I have recently written an article entitled ”No-kill Dog Rescue Common Sense in Germany,” which will be published in the August 31st issue of AERA (the front cover is scheduled to feature the head of the Democratic Party of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama).

This time I am writing a report on the German animal shelter system (Tierheim) and the dog welfare law from the country that is known as “Heaven for dogs.”

While gathering the information for the article, I was impressed by the German system of not killing a single dog, and finding out why no dogs are sold in pet shops.

Meanwhile, I look at the situation in Japan, which is a kind of hell in comparison to Germany.

I’m also writing about certain organizations/groups calling themselves “rescue shelters for abandoned dogs” that do not make it clear if they are for profit or non-profit, and the horrid conditions dogs are kept in by such organizations/groups.

Is it impossible for Japan to undertake similar activities to Germany?

I would like those people involved in animal welfare and the government to read this article and to think about the possibilities.

Thank you for reading this post.

We at AERA will continue gathering information on this topic.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kunihiko Ota
Editorial Desk

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