Hino-chan has finally found his new family!!
Hino-chan was being temporarily looked after at the home of KK for 4 months.

He scares easily, and it’s a bit difficult for him to open up to people.
He also suffered from struvite urolithiasis and was on a formula diet.
He was a stray dog, so it was uncertain whether he could adapt to living with people as a house dog, but he’s such a good dog. He is one of a kind; profound and funny.

I really didn’t want to see him spend the rest of his life at ARK without giving him a chance, so I decided to bring him home to take care of him. If a dog is scared or used to being a stray dog, we must help the dog adjust to being a house dog before we even consider introducing him/her to foster families. Being on a formula diet is also a setback in the rehoming of many dogs and cats, so I also wanted to try to change that to bring hope to those animals who are on formula diets.

Hino-chan was able to graduate from the formula diet, he’s now perfectly toilet trained, he understands about living in a house, he doesn’t get motion sickness, and he’s ready any time you call him!

We posted information about him on both the blog and the website “Always Seeking a New Family”(Japanese only) a couple of times, but because I had to work on the rehabilitation of other animals, I had to bring him back to ARK.
Luck was not on his side. He would hide when a stranger peeked into the dog enclosures at ARK, and his once-healed skin condition started to worsen.
To be honest, I was beginning to give up. I wondered “Are the staff who care for Hino- chan the only people who find him lovable?” “Perhaps there isn’t really a choice for scared dogs and cats but to spend their lives at ARK...” Pessimistic thoughts filled my head.

Being a nervous dog, Hino-chan froze with his tail between his legs the first time he met his new family. I was worried that they would not like a scared and nervous dog as their first dog and I told them I would also introduce them to other dogs.
However, the family did not want to be introduced to other dogs.
They chose Hino.
Although Hino-chan could not show his best side due to nervousness, the family was warm and understanding enough to accept him as he is.

I was overwhelmed with joy, but having to suddenly say goodbye to him really hit me hard. After saying goodbye to them, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I couldn’t stop myself from crying... (I couldn’t even help myself from crying after I came home...)

But dear Hino-chan, I am so very happy!
And my wishes go to his brother Maru-chan that he will find a new home as well!!
And to all the scared doggies and kitties at ARK, let’s follow in the footsteps of Hino- chan!!!

(Oops, I have to update the images for this title too♪)

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