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Twinkle and Piglet, who were being supported via our sponsor system, were rehomed together!

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Always playful and full of energy, these two are friendly and compatible, but Twinkle, who’s blind, and Piglet, who has paralysis in his legs, were both difficult to place with new families…

Despite their disabilities, these two are young and active, and here at ARK, we only had a small space for them. Due to stress and lack of exercise, they’ve both suffered from bladder infections.
Seeing this situation saddened our staff.

But happiness suddenly arrived for them!!
Now they’re surrounded by the love of their new family and are living happily at home.

And another piece of happy news that’s nothing short of a miracle is that Joey has been rehomed!

Joey, a 13-year old mutt, is disabled in the lower half of his body.
He was taken in by ARK almost 12 years ago and in the photo from back then, you can see how he had an injury to his ear from which he was bleeding, and his entire body was dirty. In fact, he looked much older back then. He used to be such a timid dog.

Joey’s new family had previously taken in a dog that was afflicted with an illness and took care of that dog until he passed away. Now that same family has volunteered to take in another hard-to-place dog.

It is extremely difficult to rehome those with disabilities and illnesses, which is why they’re chosen to be members of our sponsor system.

We’d like to express our deep appreciation to all those sponsors who have supported them up to now. Thank you very much for everything. It’s because of the warm support of our sponsors that these animals are now able to experience happiness.

Now that these three have “graduated” from the sponsor system, we are in the process of selecting new sponsor cats and dogs. We plan to put up information about being a sponsor on our ARK homepage, so we hope you’ll check it out soon!

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