Spay/Neuter Your Cats

A woman found a cat.
The cat was pregnant and soon had kittens.
She didn't spay the cat and let her out of the house, so she had kittens again.
She asked us for help when her cat population grew to thirteen.
The population grew that much in just one or two years.

Since the cats only knew the woman and her home, they hid for several days after being moved to the cat enclosure at ARK, and it seemed as if the enclosure was empty.
They could hear dogs barking from the dog enclosure on the other side of the fence.
I'm sure the cats had never heard so many dogs barking and they must have been afraid being in a strange place without knowing why they were there.

Dyna, an odd-eyed cat, was the first of the nine cats who came to ARK to get used to being here.

The next to adjust was Floren.

And the one by one the other cats also got used to ARK.

Some of them are still shy, but all of them can be adopted anytime.
They are in the cat enclosure that we call the “new cat house.”
All of them are very good cats, and they are one to two years old.

I'd like to recommend them to anyone who wants a cat but feels that a kitten would be too much work.

If you are going to have cats:

◆Please spay/neuter them.
You can prevent reproductive diseases.
Cats in heat can also cause stress to both themselves and their owners. Some cats get overexcited and meow loudly, and it can become difficult to deal with marking (urinating where they are not supposed to). Some owners may even have trouble sleeping.
If your cat has kittens, can you take care of all of them? If someone adopts one of your kittens, can you be sure the kitten will be well taken care of? What would you do if the kitten had kittens?
◆Keep cats inside and never let them run wild outside.
Cats could get injured or killed in a traffic accident, or become infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) by other cats. Friendly cats could be taken away by bad people such as abusers. Only the owners of cats can protect them.

 The next Adoption Event at Green Dog will be held on Sunday, August 2.
 On Sunday, August 22, a PR exhibit will be held at Takarazuka Summer Festa 2009 (Japanese only). The theme is, “The lives of animals who were abandoned and then rescued when their families moved away.” This is being held in collaboration with ALIVE

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