Sunday, June 21st Green Dog Adoption Event☆Update

Here’s an update on the Green Dog Adoption Event held in Kobe on Sunday, June 21.
Thankfully, there was a good turnout for the event.
Even though it had been raining in the morning and was extremely hot and muggy outside, Green Dog was nice and cool. Having events like this indoors is great because the weather never affects the event itself or health of the animals, especially during the hot season. We really appreciate being able to hold events at Green Dog!

Karin, who was adopted at our adoption event in March, came for a visit! She’s grown, but we still recognized her as the dog we know and love. She’s undergoing treatment for mange (a skin condition caused by mites) and looked a little itchy, but hopefully she’ll make a full recovery!

Boss and Cherry came as well! Their owner was saying “Cherry can’t do this” and “Maybe we should wait outside” but in the end it was just us humans worrying too much. At one point they barked a little after Moomin gave a yelp, but they were in their element when they met Paddy and Sasuke with tails wagging. It was amazing to see Cherry, who didn’t socialize well with other dogs while at ARK, interacting with the other animals in a happy-go-lucky way.

Yu joined in the event as the ‘small dog representative’. Romi was supposed to come but her stomach was giving her trouble, so we called in a last minute substitute. She looks pretty young, although she’s a 9 year-old senior dog. Yu was energetic, friendly, and seemed to be having fun being sweet to all the visitors.

This was the first time Moomin had participated in an adoption event, even though it’s been 3 years since he came to ARK. He was rescued at the same time as Chibika and Momotaro. He comes highly recommended because he’s small, loves physical contact and is very sweet. We were worried that he’d be frightened visiting somewhere new as he only knows where he grew up and ARK, but he was very relaxed and had fun with the other dogs that joined in the event. He wasn’t even scared of any of the visitors. He was crying a little in the car to and from the event, but gradually calmed down and didn’t get carsick at all. We’re glad that we brought him because it gave us a chance to learn so many things about him!

Micky usually loves to be around people but shows no interest in dogs and barks at them. Today he was communicating with the other dogs a lot, running and playing together with them. He seems to especially like Moomin and Chicchi, and followed them everywhere to lick their mouths. Moomin even got angry at him when Micky mounted him too much, but they didn’t fight and right after that, Micky followed Moomin to give him a love attack by licking his mouth. Moomin is a male, the same size as Micky, and Chicchi is a female, bigger than Mickey. He was also curious about Yu the dachshund. There was no major trouble with the chemistry among the dogs. Micky, you are a people...dog person!

Micky also never stopped protecting his ball. He loves balls, and wouldn’t stop barking loudly at one point, so we think it would be the best to find an adoptive family who can train him well and show leadership. He was playing with kids all right, but families with small children would not be a good idea because he is so protective of his toys. We’re being cautious about choosing an adopter because he already came back once from his previous adopter.

By the way, Paddy was super excited before people started coming in! He climbed up to the cat table and was bubbling over with excitement around the other dogs…However, when the visitors came in, he hid under the table and didn’t want to go indoors. That said, he looked like he was envious to see other dogs playing. He did play with children outside without any problems, and after a while he snuck indoors without anyone noticing, so he must have gotten used to the environment. He might have had some kind of internal struggle.

Sasuke is usually a little chicken at ARK because of how he grew up, but he was energetic and funny at the event. It seemed like he had good time.
And what’s more? Someone wanted to adopt him☆. The case is under consideration at ARK.

Chicchi had an adoption offer too! They said they would come to ARK to see her again. It might be difficult for Chicchi to live with cats as she was obsessed with the cats at the event. (The family that wants Chicchi doesn’t have a cat.) All the dogs that participated today live in different enclosures back at ARK. It was a complicated and challenging combination for the staff, as Paddy and Micky are not good with other dogs and so on. However, we were content just seeing all of them getting along with each other and having fun.
It also made us realize that the environment they are in, a shelter that holds 200 dogs, is very stressful.

We also had two offers from former adopters. They said they would like to adopt a dog that has little chance of being adopted due to some sort of sickness, because their old dog had passed away.

One of them had adopted a dog with a disability. When the former owner showed us a picture of their dog when he was alive, it looked like he was as happy as any dog without a disadvantage. We appreciate the owner telling us his story. We know it was hard for him because he was close to tears

The other person, while breaking into tears, said that adopting a dog is something that he can do as a kindness to the world.

Moomin (the white cat) and Snufkin complained the whole time they were in the car going to and from the event. They were saying “Let us out!” “We don’t want to be in here!” and “Take us somewhere else!” Unlike the dogs, the cats were really noisy!
At the event the dogs got overexcited and were peeking into the cats’ cage. Paddy jumped up on a table and cowered, but then started to play with the toys after a little while, and also ate some food and went looking for cuddles.

 ★A Little Something Extra★

Sakura’s adopters came to the event and said they wanted to purchase the ARK bandanas that the dogs wear at the events. They saw the bandanas on Field Note’s diary and decided they really wanted one.
These bandanas are actually made by hand by a female staff member. They’re made for the dogs who are going to participate in an adoption event and the ARK logo is hand-dyed on each bandana. What a good job she does!


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