Sakura Rehomed!

Sakura has been rehomed! One of our animal caretaker volunteers has adopted her. Her new family came to visit her over and over again until she felt comfortable enough to open up to them. There were days when she wouldn’t come out of her enclosure for a walk, but her new family never gave up on her.

Kiku, Ume, Momo, and Sakura were 100% stray puppies. When they were first rescued, despite their young age of about 1 month old, they had a tremendous fear of people and would panic when around them.

We thought that perhaps it would be impossible for them to be domesticated, and sometimes we felt that they were wild animals.

There was a time when we felt we had reached the limit of what we could do for them. But we wanted to keep our hopes up, so we took them to our homes for rehabilitation. We, the staff, didn’t know how to handle them, so every day was a like a stab in the dark.

Even while we were feeling so lost, the puppies grew rapidly. It was frustrating sometimes, as we felt that we were missing out on the proper timing to provide each one with training. Every day was full of both the joys and worries that accompanied the puppies’ growth.

Could they become domesticated dogs? Would they be happy to be domesticated and live with people? Did keeping them at ARK provide a decent quality of life for them?
In back of our minds, we had the constant worry that even if they were rehomed, they may not adapt well to the homes and might end up being returned to ARK.

18 months have passed, but it feels much longer because we have encountered so many obstacles. It has been 18 months, and their lives have only started.

We thank these 4 sisters from the bottom of our hearts for this precious experience.

Thank you so much. You have helped us grow as people and given us an opportunity to gain a better understanding of dogs.
We wish you happiness outside of ARK.
Thank you again.

And to all the families who adopted them, thank you so much.

(Momo’s training for the dog show at USJ is going very well. She has already been given a part. Will her debut be soon?!)

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 The next Adoption Event at Green Dog will be held on Sunday, August 2.
 On Sunday, August 22, a PR exhibit will be held at Takarazuka Summer Festa 2009 (Japanese only). The theme is, “The lives of animals who were abandoned and then rescued when their families moved away.” This is being held in collaboration with ALIVE

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