The Dog that Knew Nobody: Sweet

If you’re looking for Sweet, you won’t find her in our outdoor kennels, because she’s living in our office and learning just what people are all about.


Sweet was born in an abandoned pharmacy and has known almost no human contact. Her owner was hospitalized, leaving her and the other abandoned dogs to fend for themselves without food. As her friends around her died, she and a few others survived on scraps occasionally tossed in by sympathetic neighbors. Having had no direct contact with humans before, Sweet still isn’t quite sure just how to fit in with people yet. She and her three surviving family members were rescued by ARK in November 2006, when she was just 7 months old.

When Sweet first arrived, she couldn’t look anyone in the eyes. Every day as part of her training, we’d call loudly, “Sweet!” and then give her some food. Now we’ve started calling, “Switch on!”, which has helped her gain the confidence to meet people eye-to-eye. People around the office have taken to calling her “Swee-chon” or “Chon-Chon” – with the result that she’s started thinking of herself as “Swee-chon”.

A picture of Sweet’s family, rescued along with her.
From the left – Saccharin, Spice, and Sugar.

Here Sweet still hasn’t gotten the hang of being held yet. The result – paws and legs all over the place!

In any case, Sweet really loves dogs! She’ll play with anybody, whether it’s an adult dog or a pup. She doesn’t care about being chewed on, dragged around, or licked to death – she seems happy just to be hanging out with other dogs.


Sweet’s even managed to get up to a little mischief lately. She wakes up in the middle of the night and sneaks out some treasure from the garbage can to take back to her bed for a nice little chew. Other than that, she really loves her fluffy ball. Sweet loves playing ‘fetch’, especially the chasing and catching part. As she’s a bit shy, she might run off if she feels too many people are watching her.

In the mornings, when the ARK staff come back from their morning walks with the dogs, Sweet has started running out to meet them. Even though she usually runs away just after that, it still shows how far Sweet has really come.

We love watching Sweet grow each and every day and we hope that Swee-chon will soon become a dog who really loves people.

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