Pump and Moonie

We have two very good dogs that we we’d like to introduce to you!
They are Pump (left) and Moonie (right).

These two are so bright, gentle and obedient, and it’s easy to take them for walks.
They should be called “easy-to-care-for dogs” because that’s what they are! They are such nice dogs!
The dog trainer at ARK “Ms. Gran-mama” highly recommends them♪

But they do have a certain handicap that we should point out to potential adopters…

That’s heartworm.

They used to be kept by a homeless person, and living outside all the time meant that they were never given preventative treatment for heartworm…

At the moment, they’re perfectly healthy without any symptoms such as coughing or tiredness. They’re always playing cheerfully together and enjoying walks just like other dogs.

The treatment is simple - just give them anti-parasitic medicine once a month, just like you do for other dogs.

Of course, you have to make sure they’re calm after taking the medicine and check that there’s nothing strange about their behavior.

There are a lot of dogs whose heartworm has disappeared after having several years of prevention therapy.

The life of a heartworm is said to be around 5 to 6 years. But I’ve heard from a vet that preventative medicine makes adult worms weak and shortens their lifespan (although the medicine is intended to kill the little ones).

Potential adopters tend not to choose animals with heartworm. Of course I understand their feelings, but I also feel frustrated that lovely, friendly Pump and Moonie may not be adopted for this reason. We have a great time with them and feel relaxed when we’re with them.

I can see that they love people. If they were adopted, their new family would be happy and would definitely think, “I’m glad to have this dog in my life”.
I’d like to find an understanding family for them!

Heartworm is a severe disease, but preventative medicine can work. Giving preventative medicine is one of the responsibilities of dog owners. However, even if your dog does get heartworm, you can give him treatment to control it.

 The next Adoption Event at Green Dog will be held on Sunday, August 2.
 On Sunday, August 22, a PR exhibit will be held at Takarazuka Summer Festa 2009 (Japanese only). The theme is, “The lives of animals who were abandoned and then rescued when their families moved away.” This is being held in collaboration with ALIVE

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