5/24 Field Note Adoption Fair Update

The recent flu scare nearly shut down this Field Note event. We were worried that if we proceeded with the event, no one would show up. However, as it turned out, we had no reason to worry! We had such a great turnout we couldn’t even figure out how many visitors we had. The road to our event is usually crowded with Nara tourists, but on this day it was quite empty, which meant Field Note was the only place with festivities.

For this event we had booths selling organic tea and vegetables, socks (the same vendor that participated last fall), wooden toys, small leather goods, and pottery.

Look! There was even a section for Oliver Garden seedlings.

Despite the flu scare we had many visitors, and for that we owe many thanks to the vendors who participated in the event. They help bring in more visitors to our adoption fairs, and we can’t thank them enough!

Although there was a brief thunderstorm in the afternoon, we were able to end the event on a very successful note.

Many ARK graduates came to join in on the fun.
There was Napi and Imana from the “32 Puppy-Mill Rescues”, Jink who found a new home at the last Field Note event, Whiskers, Turkin…

Puffin & Bigori, Koroku, Anko (Wakame), Boy…
One of the many highlights of the event was seeing all of you again; how happy and healthy you guys look!

(“We attended the event too, but where’s our pup’s name?” If that’s what you’re wondering right now, please forgive the forgetful K.K. and leave us a comment!)

Now, let’s see.
How did the main characters of the event, the ARK dogs looking for homes, do at the adoption fair?

Relaxed from start to finish and friendly to everyone, including strangers. It was hard to believe she was the same dog as the one that barks across the fence in her kennel at ARK. She would make a great pet for a first-time dog owner.

Mitchy loved being held by children, was calm and comfortable, and used her cute whining skills to beg for treats. Then the next second she was up and running, tossing the toys around. We saw the two faces of Mitchy; the relaxed one and the playful one!

From the beginning, Mai-chan showed no signs of being nervous, and wandered around on her own even when no staff were near her. She was completely different from her anxious self at ARK, and would make a great pet for anyone.

Where did the energetic, spunky Wally go? In his place was a shy, quiet dog… but only at the beginning of the event. Wally was nervous and bewildered by the unfamiliar environment, but he quickly relaxed and charmed everyone with his friendly personality and handsome good looks.

Takuya is a toy poodle and papillon mix. He’s very playful, easily amused, and loves people, so hanging out with a lot of people was a dream come true for him! But he’s only 1 year old and still very young, so it’s important not to spoil him just because he’s so cute. We’re going to find a family that will continue your training so that you can be the best dog, right Takuya?

At ARK, Momotaro is usually either nervously barking or hiding in his kennel. It takes him a while to adjust to new people and situations. Once he’s comfortable, though, he’s the most loving, loyal boy. At the adoption fair, he became frantic trying to find a place to hide on the wooden deck… we gave him breaks in less-populated areas, made hiding spots for him under furniture, and letting him observe the situation on his own terms. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, he grew more comfortable with time, and was able to show the visitors his “sit”, “shake”, “down”, and “wait”, with the help of some treats. Since he had been so scared in the beginning, the simple act of sitting and eating a treat in front of the visitors was enough to win all their hearts. I see what you did there, Momo-chan!

Our happiest announcement of the day was that Route found a new home! Formerly a breeder’s dog, Route now has her very own family that will love her unconditionally. As soon as the preparations are finished, she will be going to her new home.

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