The Devil in Tippex’s Bottom

One morning, on a freezing cold winter day, we found a small dog abandoned on the roadside. He was skin and bones, and looked like a mummy. He was lying beside an open bag of dog food and a dog bed
This was the condition in which the Italian Greyhound Tippex was abandoned.

When he was first rescued, he would respond to anything even if it wasn’t any kind of stimulus and would attack his own legs. He would then panic, growl at people and things would get a bit out of control. On his bottom, there was an open wound with pus, perhaps from a bed sore. However, he knew many commands like “sit” and “wait.” We wondered what kind of conditions he had been living in before we found him.

Our vet cleaned his plaque-covered teeth and he began to put weight on his mummy-like skinny body. He couldn’t walk much before, but now he loves to go for a walk and sometime he asks for a walk. The wound on his bottom has almost healed. He seems to look much younger than when he was rescued. Perhaps he’s younger than we had estimated.

He has started to show his emotions and be more expressive. In fact, he has become more like a dog.
But here at ARK, we have so many other dogs and it’s such a noisy place with lots of stimuli, so we can’t give him the sense of calm he needs. He still sometimes panics and attacks his own legs.

When we quietly pet Tippex at night when he is sleeping curled up in a ball, he looks at us with sleepy eyes. Behind those clear, black, innocent eyes, how much pain is he carrying? What he needs to get through such darkness and pain in his heart is to live in a peaceful environment with a loving owner.

One of the staff said, “There is a devil in his bottom.” And the only person who can defeat the devil is your new family, sweet Tippex.

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Update (Thursday, July 2)

Tippex was put to sleep. The self-abusive behaviour that had been a problem with him since we found him had worsened and he was badly hurting his backside. He was also attacking other dogs and suffering from seizures. We consulted our vet to try different treatments and methods to help him. We also changed his living environment, but his condition did not improve and he would panic when he saw other dogs out for their walks. Even when we weren’t around he would howl and become aggressive with the other dogs.

We know he wasn’t easy to care for, but we wanted to give him as many chances as we could – we even sought a foster family for him on our blog. However, his quality of life declined rapidly to the point where it was impossible to care for him. We had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep.

We did receive a couple of applications from people interested in adopting him, but it wasn’t to be. We are very sorry to have to give you such sad news. We are all very upset that Tippex’s life had to end.

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