Rush’s Tail


One of the most charming features of a Shiba dog is its tail. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels soothed by the sight of their curly, muscular tails wagging back and forth.

Rush has turned into a fine Shiba with a luxuriant coat of fox-colored fur. When we rescued her she was in pretty bad shape. Most of her fur had come out, she had skin irritations, her ears were filled with pus and her body was letting off a nasty odor. Her personality was wild, she had a bad temper and she tried to bite us. Thanks to some TLC, she has become a beautiful Shiba with a gentle personality. The change in her environment and having all her pains and itches healed up has seen her personality transform.

Although she has already become so beautiful, she still has a bath with medicated shampoo twice a week. Even when Rush is all covered in shampoo, you can probably still tell it’s her. That’s because her howl is like some far away electronic sound. She seems to be asking for something as she rolls her tongue in a way that would put a Spanish person to shame. To cheer her up, I quip, “Are you communicating with outer space?” or “Are you calling out to Mars for help?”.


Of course she doesn’t like being bathed very much. Look at her sulky face. It’s touching to see that she never becomes wild, but always listens to the groomer’s words and endures her bath.

Actually, her skin condition has deteriorated recently. I think her immunity is down probably from the side effects of the medicine she is taking, or maybe from stress. Once she regains her cardiac health, her allergies should ease and I think she’ll be able to live without relying on chemical treatment. The most effective medication for her will be the love she gets from her adoptive family.

All I can say to her right now – and it is hard to say – is “I’m sorry. We have to work hard together until we find you an adoptive family.”

The veterinarian said that half of all Shibas have allergies. I think this could be influenced by unregulated breeding.

Rush is this cute, and is so good on her walks with the volunteers. It’s really hard for me to watch the days go by without any word on an adoptive family.

But, Rush, the time will come when you will be able sleep peacefully knowing that you are loved. Until then, hang in there.

Until the day you can wag your tail for someone you love. Right, Rush?

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