4/26 (Sun.) Adoption Fair☆Update

This is an update on the adoption event held at Green Dog in Kobe on Sunday, April 26th.

We didn’t have very many visitors this time around. Maybe only half of our usual turnout? Looks like we overlooked an important fact when choosing the day for our event. Never underestimate the power of Golden Week!

Despite the timing of our event, there were several serious adoption inquiries from our wonderful visitors.

Toraji’s rescuers also stopped by. It was adorable how Toraji paused for a second, then the realization hit him all at once and he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Toraji and Non-chan were constantly poking their heads here and there, and greeting every visitor that stopped by. They were very friendly to our canine visitors as well, and were very sociable and outgoing. If they haven’t been adopted by next month’s adoption fair at Field Note, maybe I’ll take them along to that as well…

Representing the small breeds was Michi. She’s only 6 years old but has kidney problems, which has been an obstacle in finding a adoptive home for her. Michi, who loves her snacks, seemed to be enjoying herself in between whining for treats.

Sakura also did a wonderful job. When we were setting up she was very active and playful with her buddies, but as soon as the event started she shrunk away even though we didn’t have any visitors yet. How well she can read the atmosphere! We did see that all the staff's efforts were paying off, and there were moments when she voluntary walked to the middle of the room or curiously sniffed around, even when visitors were in proximity. Once the event was over and we began cleaning up, Sakura began running around again and a few of our visitors who were still there were happy to see Sakura in motion, as they had come especially to meet her.

Hatena stayed in the middle of the room most of the time. Skittish Hatena would run away if someone came close to her, but only to keep a distance, and she never went hiding in the corners. It was as if she was thinking, “People coming close or trying to touch me is scary, but still I am curious…”

Peace and Piman were relaxed and nonchalant from the beginning.
They ate, they played, they purred, they stretched, they… slept. We’ve never seen cats that were more at ease at an adoption event as these guys.

The bottom-left picture is of Toraji, who was absolutely intrigued by the cats, giving Piman a fright.


It was raining on the day before the adoption event. Hatena had just gotten a shampoo but she wouldn’t be able to stay dry in her outdoor kennel. Plus, all the doggies going to the event can’t fit in the car…
So, KK took Hatena home and she proceeded to the adoption fair from KK’s house. Here’s Hatena, who’s staying with me during my holidays, on her first day.

ハテナ2 Hatena frozen at the front door of KK’s home after being surrounded by KK's 4 big dogs.

ハテナ1_1 Hatena debating whether to enter the living room or not.

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