The continuing story of Cherry

The truth is…Cherry has a home on a trial basis!

The prospective adopter also adopted a Labrador Retriever named Boss who was introduced on this blog. Before that, they adopted a large mixed breed dog.

They knew about Cherry and understood that she can be aggressive toward other dogs, but they applied to adopt her. Cherry had long been labeled as “no good with other dogs.” When Cherry went to the prospective adopter’s house with a staff member, I had half given up, thinking, “This probably won’t work.” So when I heard the news, I was happy—so happy that I cried. That night, there was a phone call from the adopter saying, “The two dogs are playing together”! And was that the squeaking of a dog toy I heard over the phone?

Cherry, a dog who spent too much time at Ark, has expanded the possibilities of difficult-to-adopt dogs. She is a star of hope! She gives us staff courage and hope. I hope everything goes well for her!

We’ve received photos of a happy-looking Pipi-chan from her adopter♪

Toraji was rehomed, thanks to the Green Dog adoption fair♪

Rabie the rabbit was rehomed♪

★ Sunday May 24 is the Field Note Adoption Fair ★
Details will be announced in the news and events section as they are decided.
Tel: 0742-36-7227
Nara-shi, Shijo-oji 2-chome
Hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Closed Mondays

May 9, 2009 Update

Cherry’s rehoming is official!
We have received a photo of her with Boss.
They seem like companions of many years. Or maybe like a newly infatuated pair of lovers?

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