25 cats & dogs who lost their home because of a fire

ARK was informed that there had been a fire at someone’s house when the owner was out, and the dogs/cats that lived there had no place to go. We appealed for donations for this Large Scale Rescue on ARK News and Events.
Here are details about the rescue: Click

4 dogs and 21 cats were rescued.
The owner moved to a new house and one dog could be returned to the owner. The other 3 dogs (Lemon, Lime, and Karin) were adopted.
The dog we managed to give back to the owner was a 13 year-old Chihuahua. At ARK, we discovered that she had a mammary tumor and trouble with her heart.

It’s difficult to find an adopter for an old dog with health problems, so it was lucky her owner could take her back. It’s also a huge source of stress for old dogs to be forced to live in a shelter without their beloved owners. It’s really tough, and sad as well…

It was hard to care for the cats after the rescue because several of them had colds or were in a bad state. They were skinny and in poor health generally, probably because their immune systems had been weakened due to the shock of the fire, or because they were hungry and cold. Those who were in a serious condition were separated, but because of a lack of space, the cats were divided between just two rooms; one group of females and one group of males. The room we had to use was one usually used for dogs that have just been rescued. Even though some cats got a little better, others got worse before they got better, and others still haven’t completely recovered.

Staff members working at the clinic had to work until 10 pm for a period in order to report all the details of the cats’ condition to the vet, and give treatment like medicines or infusions to almost all the cats. Of course, these staff members also had to be in the clinic around 7:30 or 8:00 the next morning.

Some of the cats who were in a relatively good condition and who had been spayed or neutered were then adopted. After being moved to a cat enclosure with plenty of sunlight and a pleasant breeze, more of the cats started to relax. There are still some cats who require treatment or are waiting to be spayed or neutered, but the situation is stabilizing a bit.

All the cats are friendly and young, from 6 months to 5 years old, and they’re all good boys and girls. They get along well with each other, so we can recommend adopting two or more cats together. I’m sure you’d enjoy watching their adorable behavior when they play together and sleep together.

There are a lot of cats who are ready to be adopted, but whose information has not been uploaded to ARK’s Rehoming page just yet because we’re so busy. Please, please come to ARK to see them and welcome them into your family!!

All kind donations and a list of what the money has been spent on will be reported in the newsletter. We really appreciate your support.

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