Pipi, Congratulations! Cherry, Good luck!

Today a dog named Pipi was rehomed.
I never introduced Pipi on the blog before, but he's a dog who came to ARK about a year and a half ago, and although he was rehomed a little while ago, he didn't fit with the owner's lifestyle, and so came back to ARK just a few days later. Pipi is an 8-year-old Akita mix. Being a mix, a big dog, and an older dog, we knew it wouldn't be easy for him to find an adopter. So after our upset following his initial unsuccessful rehoming, the staff at ARK were absolutely thrilled when Pipi was rehomed this time.

Actually, the person who adopted Pipi was also interested in Cherry, who has appeared on the blog before.
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The adopter was having a lot of trouble deciding whether to choose Pipi or Cherry, and came to ARK many times to see them. Of course we're happy that Pipi got rehomed, but for Cherry, who has been at ARK for over 7 years now, it was a big chance too, so actually it's kind of a confusing feeling we have. They were both big dogs and older in years, so neither could be rehomed easily. Most likely it was a very difficult choice to make for the adopter too.

But there's a ray of hope for Cherry too. Cherry wasn't chosen this time, but from now on, when a chance appears for Cherry, I will work even harder to help him find happiness.

Before, Cherry would pull on the leash hard during walks, and get excited and bark upon seeing another dog. But thanks to the help of Tsuda-sensei and the staff members in charge of him, now even when a dog passes right in front of him, he sits politely at the side of his handler, and lets the other dog pass.

Pipi-chan, I wonder what you're up to now. I hope you'll get used to your new environment quickly. Take care.

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