More and More Happy News☆

With all of the rehoming of animals going on around here recently (that is, our animals getting adopted), I’ve been so happy I just want to jump up and down and shout, “It’s a miracle!”

Many of the cats at ARK have been here for many, many years, or are stuck in a cat enclosure way in the back where no one really notices them. Some don’t get along well with other cats, and so live in isolation in small enclosures, getting ill from pent-up stress.

But recently, animals who for various reasons we thought would have trouble finding an adopter have had great success and left ARK one after another. I’ve never been so happy!!♪♪♪

Of the animals I’ve introduced on this blog…


Tarquin is a rather delicate dog, but is having a great time living with a young husband and wife who understand his heart and spirit. They seem to be spending very happy days with each other.
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3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair ☆ Report

Momo was scouted out by the USJ dog show. She’s a little bit difficult to handle, so right now she’s being taken in on a trial basis. But I think she’ll definitely do a great job! (There are a number of dogs doing dog shows right now who originally came from ARK♪) In the event that she does come back to ARK, hey you out there! Adopt her☆
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Tiny Tim
He’s found a foster family. The staff is so thankful to the family who understands his “requirements” and has taken him in. They even said, “For 10 years old, he seems really young”!
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A father who came to our adoption fair showed interest in her, and at a later date, came to ARK with his whole family to meet her.
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3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair ☆ Report

But having said all that, there are still many new faces coming to ARK that we have to take care of, and lots more animals waiting to be adopted, with hardly an vacant enclosure to be seen…

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