3/15 (Sun.) Adoption Fair☆Report

We had an adoption fair at "GREENDOG" on Sunday 15th March. Lots of people came and it was a very busy day. In fact, it was so busy that we were a little concerned about not being able to pay enough attention to details and accidentally causing inconvenience to the people who came.

Tarquin didn’t get sick in the car and was more relaxed at the event than we thought he would be. He did get a little nervous and barked a bit here and there, though he was curious about people and decided to get to know them. He would come up from behind to sniff around. We were able to see how he behaves outside of the ARK environment, and that helped us to understand him better. Tarquin is such a handsome dog, and he’ll be such a wonderful, relaxing guy to live with...

Lime and Karin were busy, happily playing. They were people's favorites.
Lime was able to find adopters, so as soon as they’ve made their preparations, they’ll come to pick him up.
Someone is also interested in adopting Karin, so that person will bring the whole family to ARK for a visit.

Chibika acted like her usual self, enjoying communicating both with people and other dogs in her kind, friendly way. It was lovely to watch her.

Natsu also came to the event. There was a request from some people who wanted to meet Natsu, so we decided to bring her at the last minute. The people who were interested in meeting her have a dog of their own, so it was a good chance for Natsu, who gets along well with other dogs. Their dog also got along well with Chibika, so they decided to visit ARK a couple more times to make their decision. We are looking forward to their next date ♪

These two are sponsor cats.
Twinkle was pretty relaxed right from the start, and her sponsor also came to see her. It was a noisy place, with lots of people and dogs, but Twinkle enjoyed herself as usual, being held and playing with toys by herself and with other people.
Piglet was sort of hiding on the cushion. We didn’t see Piglet and Twinkle playing around like they always do; Piglet just sat there patiently, and Twinkle would groom her from time to time to help her relax.

It was rather a stressful day for Piglet, but it was useful to let people know that even if they can’t take animals into their homes, they can still support them by becoming a sponsor. We hope more people will take an interest in becoming a sponsor.

This adoption event gave us an opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people who are interested in becoming adoptive families.
We want to thank everyone who came to meet our dogs and cats, all the ARK supporters, and everyone who’s interested in animal welfare. Thank you very much. We hope this day will bring more happiness to our animals and people.

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