BJ Treasures Each Day

His name is Black Jack. We call him B.J.

B.J. is so afraid of thunder that he goes into a panic. We are told he escaped many times from his former owner’s house. When he first came to ARK, he didn’t settle in to the new environment, and he cried and scratched at walls and fences until his claws were bloody, chewed until his mouth was bloody, and was generally destructive. When he was moved to a new place, the change in environment excited him and he destroyed things in his attempts to escape.

Perhaps his worn down teeth are evidence that he’s been like that for a long time.

Now he’s living in a very small enclosure.

He would destroy our existing dog runs, and try running away, possibly hurting himself, so this is a dog run we built to be B.J.-resistant. We’re always short on space at ARK, so it’s the smallest possible size. When it rains, there’s nothing for him to do but hide and sleep somewhere in his dog house. The enclosure is built of strong steel pipes that he can’t destroy, and people and dogs are always walking by, so it’s hard for him to relax.

At first he would go on rampages even in the new enclosure: he chewed on the pipes to get out and kept making a high-pitched squealing sound. A couple of times, he escaped when someone opened the door. But we don’t have any other suitable space to give him, so we have to keep him shut up in there except for his morning and evening walks.

Lately, he seems to have given up or gotten used to it, and has calmed down. Sometimes he even stays quiet when there is thunder. At other times, although there is no sign of thunder, he gets excited and barks, wanting to get out.

BJ8.jpg BJ8_2.jpgBJ8_1.jpgBJ7.jpg
B.J. loves walks. He has a joyful expression and walks as if he’s skipping. He invites us to play, and although he’s an old dog, his innocent romping is very cute. Sometimes it’s sad when he resists going back into his run after a walk…

Sorry, B.J.
We hope that you will be adopted and spend the rest of your life in peace and tranquility.

But we’re sorry, B.J.
It’s hard to introduce you to adopters when uncertainty makes you panic and you might destroy things in their house.

Sorry, B.J.
But we know you are a sweet boy and not shy and you love people, and you can stay calm in thunderstorms if someone is with you.

B.J. is an old dog and doesn’t have that much time, but we mustn’t give up. We have to protect him until he can find a new home.

B.J., I want to make your day better today by letting you out of your enclosure for a longer walk, even if it’s just a little bit longer. Let’s take a break, walking as we please through the sun and the shade of the trees, smelling the earth and the grass.

Oh, you want me to scratch your butt? Okay, I’ll scratch it as much as you want. Oh, now you want me to scratch your neck? Okay, okay, I’ll scratch it until you want me to stop.

I’m sorry I can’t spend more of this sort of time with you, B.J. I’ll ask the volunteers to spend time with you when we can’t. I hope we can give you a little bit of happiness each day.

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