Puppy Paw Pads!

The undeniable, universal truth about all dog lovers is that they are hard-core paw pad enthusiasts.
We’d like to pay due respect to this fact by bringing you a collection of some of the wonderful paw pads here at ARK.

Who am I?
I am little and I love to be held. But if you’re a stranger outside my fence I will bark at you, and if you come inside my kennel all I want to do is hide. I just need a little time to work up some courage! My kid sister Chibika is more outgoing than me. Maybe I could get some tips from her.

Who am I?
I’m curly right down to the hair on my paws. I love getting groomed and when I see my groomer I get so excited! When I’m not getting my beauty treatment, I enjoy working on my toy collection. You know, it would be so much fun to live with a sweet, loving guy like me!

Who am I?
If you want a high-five, just come find me and my sister! We’ve gotten over our excessive barking habit now and hang out in our kennel in front of the ARK office. We’d love you to stop by!

Who am I?
I’ve done a homestay at KK’s house before. I’ve heard that when you get adopted, that wonderful feeling of being a part of a family lasts forever! It also means I get to sleep inside the house every night, right? Oh, I can’t wait until that day comes for me!

Who am I?
I have some news: I’ve moved! I don’t have to get all stressed out now from my canine companions walking about in front of my kennel, and I’m enjoying finding sunny spots to doze off in. I have to make sure I don’t relax so much that I lose my figure! Happy Go Lucky☆

Who am I?
Everyone is impressed by how much energy I have, but it’s only because I love playing with my doggie friends so much! When I’m around people my favorite thing to do is to cuddle and fall asleep on their laps.
Who could it be, you say? The one and only…

powバウンティ3_2 …me,Bounty!

Who am I?
I’ve just finished my homestay at KK’s house. I’ve got my pee-pee problem under control and am eating regular food and leading a regular life! I’m all ready for my new home! Come visit me so I can introduce myself to you like this…

powヒノ1_1 …Hi, I’m Hino!

Who am I?
I get along great with my canine pals but I don’t know what to do when I’m around humans. But everyone’s been so nice to me that I’m beginning to really like many of them. I still have to take my time figuring people out, but I’d really like to meet my very own family who will give me that time, so I can give them all my love in return.

I’m Hatena, nice to meet you! I’m still a puppy so I have lots of time to learn a lot. The staff are always encouraging me so that I can start trusting humans soon.

After documenting the many paw pads of the ARK dogs, that very particular doggie paw scent lingers on KK’s hands.
All dog lovers know exactly what I’m talking about! Don’t you want to experience it, too? It’s a 24-hour paw pad sniff-fest at ARK, and you know where to find us!

The title of this entry is “Puppy Paw Pads!”… so that means…?
You’ll have to wait and see! ♪

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