2/1 (Sun.) Adoption Fair☆Report

Here’s an update from one of our staff who participated in the )GREENDOG adoption fair on Sunday, February 1st.


Visitors to the GREENDOG adoption fair took a look around at our photo exhibition.

We received one request to adopt a cat and it looked as if Santa would find a new home, but the potential adopter is going to give it a little more thought. We hope that, whatever cat is chosen, at least one will be adopted.

Santa wasn’t timid at all in the new place and was playing by himself. The only time he would hide was when Bountysometimes barked at him. But when called, Santa would quickly come out of hiding and play again. Sometimes he would stick his paw through the fence to play with the dogs or watch other dogs playing. He’s a cutie.

Aira was very friendly to the visitors and seemed happy to receive lots of caresses from everyone. She was running around with the puppies and playing with them. Although Aira needs to work on her social skills a bit, the spacious area allowed her to run away when she felt like it or take the initiative to go find a playmate. For Aira, this was a valuable experience.

Goldie would wander around to look for someone who might pet her, while keeping an eye on the puppies.

Zodiac played with the puppies, got lots of caresses and enjoyed the day, but there was one problem. He would protect toys that he wasn’t even interested in playing with, and growl at or chase away other animals who might come close to those toys. He has no problem with people taking his toys, but he’ll have to learn to share!

Brutus and Bounty, the duo of two white puppies, had such fun playing together all day long, but they were out of energy by the end of the day. Both were fast asleep during the car ride back.

The adopters of recently rehomed dachshund Sakura-chan, terrier mix Shiro-chan and Riki-kun paid us a visit too. On the way back, we stopped by Jiro-kun’s new home (his name was Bounty at ARK) to collect some items for donation and were able to reunite briefly with a very healthy, happy Jiro-kun.

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