Chip & Marimo ☆ Rehomed


These are the two rabbits that will be going on a trip to their new adopter’s home tomorrow – Chip and Marimo. Finally, finally, their chance has come.

The staff at ARK would like to truly thank the new family for having the courage to adopt rabbits from an animal shelter and for taking the rabbits in as their own.

Starting tomorrow, the two of you will be able to sleep in a nice warm house. Let’s hope a chance comes along for our other rabbits!

Monday, January 26, 2009  -Chip: Afterword-

We were planning on having a happy rehoming of the two rabbits together, but unfortunately we were suddenly able to only rehome Marimo. I wanted to let you know what happened.

Just after the adopters had set off for home in their car with the two rabbits, Chip began to panic inside the carrier he was being transported in. Because of this sudden wildness, Chip’s eyes were really bulging, and so the car had to turn around and bring Chip back to ARK, leaving once again with only Marimo.

Chip has now returned to a relaxed state and seems healthy and full of appetite. Although the rabbit’s eyes are still protruding a bit, blinking is fine and there is no sign of injury. Chip was seen by a vet at ARK, but should any surgical treatment become necessary, we’ll have to go to an animal hospital. But for Chip, riding in a car is risky thing to do. So all we can do is hope Chip’s condition settles down.

Rabbits are quite delicate creatures, aren’t they. I have no doubt that rehoming would still be the best thing to happen, but seeing cases like this, I feel a bit vexed.

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