Lila the Fluffy Black Cat

コピー (1) ~ リラ1
I don’t know what the circumstances were, but one day Lila’s owner suddenly vanished and left this fluffy black cat behind.

At first Lila was overtly wary of humans. She hissed and if you tried to touch her she batted your hand away! She seemed to be having a hard time adjusting to the sudden change that had befallen her.

コピー (1) ~ リラ3
She loves to play with other cats, so when we put her in the same room as the kittens, she had a great time. But because she didn’t like people and wouldn’t let them touch her, when we needed her to go into her cage we had to chase her, and her health checks were similarly difficult. When we entered her run to care for her, she would stare warily at us from the farthest corner.

However, Lila is getting much more comfortable around humans now.
She lets us hold her, she tries to get our attention, and if someone she doesn’t know enters her cat run, she doesn’t hide, and after a bit she even relaxes as if nothing unusual has happened. Perhaps her large appetite is also a sign of our success in socializing her.

She loves other cats, but older cats are annoyed by her rambunctious play, so she is better suited to living with active, friendly cats of her own age. We are trying to communicate with her a lot as we care for her, so that she will become accustomed to a new owner as fast as possible even if there are no other cats.

Today too I hope to deepen my relationship with Lila.

Lila the Fluffy Black Cat

Hey, Puck!
Don’t get in the way when I’m trying to get closer to Lila…

Maybe it was good for Lila to live with the personable kittens.

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