Hino-chan’s Tour of the Vet’s Office

Today, Hino-chan accompanied the new member of our family, Kamome, to the vet’s office. In order for him to feel comfortable at the vet – as he will have to go to the vet after finding a family - we decided to let him experience the vet’s office for the first time.

I went together with my husband, so although we would have been fine bringing them in one at a time, it was really hard to manage the two of them. Being scared has a synergetic effect on them, and their bodies shook as they walked through the entrance. Luckily, there were no other animals there, so they were able to slowly make their way to the waiting room.

Hino-chan, you’re sitting on a chair! You got used to the vet’s office very quickly!

If you really were a scaredy-cat, you would have hidden under a chair or panicked and tried to run away…right??
Hino-chan ate lots of food samples that were in the waiting room. (Kamome was so nervous he didn’t eat anything.)

The vet allowed Hino-chan to come inside the examination room. Hino-chan sat patiently watching everything that happened. And so his visit to the vet’s office ended. He was cool from beginning to end. His adoptive family should have no problems when taking him to the vet.

Hino-chan at my house
Hino-chan seems to be scared of the ironing board so when I’m ironing he runs to his cage, but for some reason he doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. Aren’t dogs usually scared of vacuum cleaners? He doesn’t get excited when I clean; he just follows me around the house and watches me.
What the heck is so interesting about the vacuuming? The noisiness? Okay but you’re in the way.

Hino-chan has been at my house for over a month.
I can feel that he is closer to us now. Even when nothing is happening, he happily walks up to us for a petting. He even lets us kiss him. It may sound trivial, but for a stray dog like Hino-chan, this is a big step.

Hino-chan’s profile is up on the “Itsudemo Satooya Bosyutyu ”(Japanese Only), but so far nobody has requested to meet him. I guess during the busy days at the end of the year nobody is thinking about adopting a dog. Looks like you’ll be ringing in the new year at my house, Hino-chan. I wonder when you’ll find a home?

We have to do some more urine tests at ARK for Hino-chan. I hope there is no sign of struvite crystals…

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