Requirements for Tiny Tim

It was on a freezing day with dry north winds in January this year that Elizabeth Oliver visited a certain animal control center. After desperately pleading with them, we were able to rescue a few dogs from the center.   Even so, we could not take all the dogs to ARK with us. The animals were kept in a dark basement with no lights. The floor was cold and wet from water that had been hosed over it to clean it, but still it was covered with feces, urine and spilled food. Ms. Oliver had to choose which dogs to rescue and which ones to abandon. And she only had 5 minutes in which to make this terrible choice. (Please see ARK Newsletter No.69 for more details)
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One of the twelve dogs that were rescued was Tiny Tim.

Tiny Timhas a deformation of the pelvis. He has no problem walking, but the way he walks is a bit unnatural and he seems to be in pain at times. His fur is in much better condition now compared to when he was rescued, but his skin is still sensitive and a bit rough. He had diarrhea for a while and was too skinny, but he has finally put some weight on, thanks to a new diet of special dog food that’s easier on the digestive system.

He’s already quite old, and tested positive for heartworm. We had hoped he’d be able to find an adopter and live inside a warm house by the time it got cold outside, but freezing winter weather has almost come here in Nose.

It’s not that he hasn’t had the chance to be rehomed so far. But one of the obstacles preventing him from being rehomed is that there’s a “requirement” from the animal control center: the adopter has to be someone who lives in Osaka.

The adopter should be someone who is willing to welcome over-10-year-old Tim with his weak legs, bad skin, and dodgy stomach and who is positive for heartworm, and…they should live in Osaka. If the center hadn’t given us this requirement, his chances would be much better, but this is the tough reality we face.

However, Tiny-Tim is the kind of small, sweet dog who likes walking, loves being cared for by people, and always tries to express his feelings with his teary eyes… he’s such an honest and bright boy.

That day, at the hellish animal control center, Tiny Tim’s life was supposed to end by suffocation in the gas chamber. Where will this little guy, who was chosen by Elizabeth Oliver and taken to ARK, end up?

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