Diary with Ra-kun

Ra-kun, who joined the recent adoption fair, is now staying at KK’s home.

Because he was very afraid of children at the event and was shaking in the shopping mall, I thought he needed to experience human society and meet different kinds of people including children, and to walk in areas where lots of bicycles and cars would be around. Developing his immunity to these things would make it easier to recommend him to a potential adopter.

To me, Ra-kun is more vulnerable and lacking in experience than just plain scared. He happily comes when we call his name and loves being held, but backs off sometimes. He needs more fun experiences through interacting with people. (Ra-kun’s ears stand up when he is on his back or when he looks up. Maybe a few more days until they are up always?)

So, here’s a report on Ra-kun’s stay at my home.

One day, the whole family went for a walk together. Going to the right, and to the left, in constant motion, Ra-kun looked so happy and seemed to be enjoying the walk. Even though he was a little scared on roads he had never been to, there was no problem with the roads he had walked on before. Cars, bicycles, loud sounds…Ra-kun got used to them quickly. “I love to walk!” ♪

Here are the pictures of Ra-kun running around the field poking his nose into the grass. Ume-chan and her sisters used to do the same thing. (Ra-kun and Ume-chan have the same mother.)

He doesn’t get sick in the car, and he was able to wait quietly in the passenger’s seat while we went to buy something.

At a home center, I put him on a dog cart to accompany me while shopping. Ra-kun didn’t get panicked or try to run away. He was just observing the surroundings, and even took a bite of cheese offered by a stranger.

Ra-kun is also good at dealing with dog friends. Look how he, who’s just 6kg, “survived” fighting with Koruri, who at 34 kg, is the head of Puppy Education Committee. Rega-kun the chicken is also joining the force as best as he can. Under the table, the middle-aged Michiru obasan is annoyed and gnarling. (Yes, I have three dogs at home.)

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