10/5 (Sun) Adoption Fair☆Report

We held our usual adoption fair at Green Dog in Kobe on Sunday, October 5.
Although it rained, many people showed up making it a successful day. There are so many stories to tell that I’m not sure if I can tell them all very well!

Gin-chan was on his best behavior right from the start! He wasn’t scared of anything and played with the toys and ate lots of food. He let lots of people hold him, took quick naps, and was then back up and playing. One person even said “If you haven’t found him a home, maybe I could…” Gin-chan, we should be thankful that so many people took an interest in you.

Hiding under the towel is Flounder. We worried about his safety many times because Gin-chan kept stepping on him. Once he even crawled under the towel and fell fast asleep. He did play and eat a little, but spent most of his time hiding. He must’ve been tired so maybe it was a little too much for him. He probably just got scared in such a new environment. Usually he’s very friendly and playful.

Daisuke was such a well-behaved boy. When somebody came into the shop he went to greet them. When they left, he walked them to the door to say goodbye. He sat quietly wagging his tail and looking up at the people. For those who met Dai-chan for the first time today they would never believe how excited he gets when people come to ARK that he starts barking and won’t calm down. He was on his best behavior today! Unfortunately, ARK can be a very stressful place for some dogs so that they just can’t feel calm…

The happiest moment today was the rehoming of Chack! The family that adopted her passed the interview at ARK last week. Now Chack can say goodbye to her days as a baby machine! We wish you a long and happy life, Chack. Good for you!

Tickle wasn’t feeling well, so we brought Kapoo in her place. She is a very amiable dog, who also gets along with other dogs and cats. She didn’t bark at all and without us even noticing, she would show up beside us with a grin on her face. She’s not selfish or demanding; she’s such a good-natured dog.

We’re so thankful that many of the 32 breeding machines that we rescued are finding wonderful new homes. But, like I just said, we did rescue 32 of them! Half of them have found new homes so we are still looking for homes for the rest of them. We hope you’ll consider adopting one of them!

Somebody is interested in adopting Tyr! They are going to discuss it at home and give us their answer. Here Tyr, tired from playing, is enjoying a cuddle from a child. (Or maybe he just wanted to cuddle!)

Tyr’s brother Ra-kun wasn’t able to find a home. He was quite scared of the children. He seemed to enjoy playing with the other dogs, but when he went for a walk in the shopping mall he got scared and his body shook even when we held him. We’ll have to do some more training with him. Now we know what we need to focus on with him.

Now, as for Sakura...this was the second adoption fair that Sakura took part in. Whenever people were around she hid. However, she didn’t look as afraid this time. We even saw her, after some time, interact with someone. The picture on the bottom left shows her having fun out in the garden after the adoption fair.

However, at this adoption fair, she ate some jerky!
You may wonder why this would excite us so much, but if a dog is scared, it will be so full of fear that it can’t eat. Such a dog wouldn’t even think about eating. That’s exactly what happened with Sakura last time. But this time, she pushed forward past Daisuke and the other dogs to claim some jerky for herself. We encouraged her to move on her own by throwing her some jerky so that she wouldn’t stay frozen and shaking in the corner.

Here’s a video of Sakura eating her jerky!
She disappears for a moment but comes to eat the jerky. Keep your eye on Dai-chan when Sakura gets angry at her! (KK is really excited in this video so we suggest you turn down the volume before clicking play!!)

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