The Story Behind the Kitten Room

Originally there were adult cats in the place that became the kitten room.

Kittens are very lively, so the older cats living with them seemed to feel a fair amount of stress. They also eat different types of food, so if the kittens were loose we could not leave food out, and this made it pretty hard to care for those cats who only eat when they feel like it.


Tama-chan, who was annoyed to have to live with kittens, would move into a small enclosure when the kittens were let loose. Tama-chan was never good at getting along with cats other than his original companions, so it would have been hard to move him to another room; we moved him when the kittens were released and put him back after we had retrieved the kittens…but days went by without really solving the problem.


Then, Hina-chan, who was living alone in the office, was rehomed! All the staff were overjoyed that Hina-chan, who suffers from chronic pneumonia, was adopted, but we were even happier that we also found a place to move Tama-chan! (Thank you, Hina-chan’s adopter!!)

Of the two cats other than Tama-chan, one of them, Mira-chan, who got along well with the kittens, was able to go to a foster family through Tokyo ARK. Icchan was successfully moved to a room with only adult cats.


Thus, we were able to come up with a room just for kittens.

But when I think of our cats who are still living in cramped spaces, I can’t help but think, “I hope they get adopted soon,” or “I hope someone comes to adopt them soon”… (Well, the best thing for Tama-chan, too, would be being adopted.) We still don’t know when the cat areas under construction will be finished, and I don’t think we can stretch our space any farther… So let’s do our best at the adoption fair! (The cats Gin-chan and Chibi-chan are scheduled to attend the next adoption fair at Green Dog.)

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