8/17 GREENDOG Adoption Fair☆Report (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my report on the GREENDOG Adoption Fair of Sunday, August 17.


“Here are the eco-bags. Oh, postcards are 100 yen each.”
Bino-kun is the oldest member here. He was our salesboy. From greeting customers to making sales, he worked very hard.

We were worried he would mark his territory, but after pooping once as soon as he came into the room, and lifting his leg against the desk once (good thing he had on a diaper!) he would go out into the yard when he wanted to relieve himself and come back in afterward.

Even though we haven’t formally taught him anything at all, he really gets it. A few days before the fair, he stayed the night at one of our staff member’s houses and was fine without wearing any diaper.


This is Machamacha-kun, who was rehomed by ARK eight years ago at about six months old. He came to visit.

Yes, he’s lived about the same time as Bino-kun, so adopters see the blog and ask us if they aren’t brothers. They aren’t, but Macha-kun, who was rehomed at about the same time, seems very happy and loved by his kind father and mother. He demonstrated his special skill at catching a ball mid-air, and got a big show of applause. Macha-kun, you were so cool!


This is Uu-chan. At ARK we called her Panda.

Her adopter came to the Green Dog fair in April, then visited ARK soon after and had the encounter with Uu-chan that decided her new future.

When she came into the room, silly me, I didn’t realize she was Panda, and I looked at her adopter, going, “Huh…? Is that Panda?!” After all, her fur and her expression had completely changed. They all become so peaceful after they are rehomed that they are hard to recognize. It’s all thanks to the love they receive from their adopters. It’s wonderful!


Uu-chan was one of several dogs being raised by a homeless person. She had never lived indoors with a human until she was adopted. Nevertheless, after only two months she was able to stay home alone and use pet sheets as a toilet. This day she was in a place she had never been before, but she effortlessly peed on the pet sheets and did her poop in the yard. What a good girl! Young dogs and old dogs, dogs who have never been trained, they really can learn it!


In addition to Macha-kun and Uu-chan, previous adopters and other people who have regularly been supporting ARK came to see us. Riki-kun and his father and mother, who always come running to our aid, Boss-kun’s mother, Karin-chan’s mom and dad. Totoro’s mom and dad, who became adopters here, and the family who adopted the kittens Popo and Kuromi at ARK in Nose and surprised us by coming all the way here from Hiroshima. And many others, too many for me to mention them all.


When I meet them at places like this, I can feel the quiet, warm passion that people have in their hearts for ARK and for animals who are at the mercy of humans. If this circle of love and passion expands, I think it’s not an impossible dream that we could someday have a society in which animals’ lives are not used for money-making or looked down on by humans.

Oh, that’s right.

Nobody got officially adopted, but there were many promising meetings. Let’s keep trying hard!

---------------------Today at ARK-----------------------

Morning and evening the weather was cool. The heat in the middle of the day was not as bad as before. It was a great day to walk dogs in a tunnel of green. Now is a great time for volunteers to come!

I am relieved that it is cooling off, because many animals had gotten sick due to the continued severe heat. We’ll have to be careful now that nobody gets sick from the difference in temperature between day and night.

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